Friday, January 2, 2015


At least I think it's Thursday. 

I am sure enjoying having my bed by the big window.  The sun shines in my eyes in the mornings, but it's been so long since I saw the sun, I don't  care.  The woman who was here kept the blinds closed and the privacy curtain closed.  She also kept her TV on 24 hours a day.  I'm not joking either. 

Tracy was here yesterday and cleaned my closet and drawers, so now I know what clothes I have and where they are.

They removed the air conditioner  from the window, Tracy has been asking about a recliner chair for me, and they brought one in yesterday,  Pretty close quarters, but it works. 

Happy Anniversary to my good friends Judi and Rollie.  You are the best!


MOM/Gina said...

Happy New Year Duene. So good to see your post. Sun is good.
How are you feeling. I'm so hoping you are painless.

Sally said...

And a very Happy New Year to you, Duene! and complete ditto to what Gina just said!

Rollie said...

Thank you, Duene. I'm very glad you consider me one of your friends. It's an honor.

Charmian said...

Happy New Year to you, Duene! It's always great to think you feel like writing. Snowing lightly here this morning.

BettyC said...

Happy New Year!! I hope 2015 is a great healthy year for you!hic