Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Meet Seaweed

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This is Seaweed. She was a Game and Fish pack horse, and a real sweetie. Barrie learned to ride on her, and even used to barrel race her. That was a real crowd pleaser! The Hittle girls also learned to ride on her, and I think maybe Tracy did too. Barrie used to ride her up to the tall pole fence, climb off onto the fence, and go in the house to get a drink of water. When she came out, Seaweed would still be in the same spot, Barrie would climb the fence, get back on her, and go. The Game and Fish guys nicknamed her "Charmin" because she was so soft. If she was packing, she was always lathered up within a mile.

Trustworthy old mare with something really little on her back.

This is a test to see if Tracy really looks at my blog or not. This is Kim, Tracy, and Tally


Tracy called yesterday. They are are seriously looking for property in Florida, and I think they are ready to make an offer on a place (condo) in the Tampa Bay area. They don't plan to move there, but are looking ahead to vacations and retirement.

The Wyoming Retirement System insists it is in good condition, and that we (retirees) are not to worry. Well, to tell the truth, I don't think the entire nation is in good condition, and we should all worry. I have pulled entirely out of the stock market, but that doesn't mean much.

The kitten is doing well, but now he is going to the bathroom on his own a little, which means he messes up his bed during the night. I also have to hold the bottom half of him under warm running water every day and wash him off. He gets really gross, and I'm not as good as his mom was at keeping him clean.

The pastel wolf I am working on is so smooth and slick looking. He needs real fur, and I plan on working on him this afternoon.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Pastel Wolf

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This is the wolf portrait I have been working on in pastels. It is about 10" x 12" on Stonehenge paper. I don't think it is quite finished yet, but as it is my first pastel painting in about 25 years, I'm not really displeased with it. I ordered some new pastel pencils for detail work, but I think maybe my old hard pastels (Nupastels) work just as well for things like fur texture and whiskers. Hmmm - it just occurred to me that he doesn't have any whiskers yet.

I have some watercolor projects started, but I am really anxious to try pastels on different surfaces. Also, I never tried a landscape in pastels, and want to try one.


As for the orphan kitten --- his dispostion has not improved. He yowls and struggles to claw my hands when I feed him. He makes threatening noises even while he is sucking on the bottle. Sometimes when I am rubbing his back, he makes a loud purring sound, but I don't think he means it.

I am so allergic to him, and I start sneezing and my nose runs every time I feed him. I have an oversized shirt I put on so I can minimize the cat hair on my clothes, but his cat dander gets stirred up when I am handling him.

Maybe soon he will realize his mother isn't coming back to him, and will decide I am his mother and be nice to me. Right now, I feel like the evil step mother!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


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This is the buffalo I photographed yesterday on Gros Ventre Road. We saw quite a few of them, but didn't get very close to most of them. This old boy was alone, and just meandering along very slowly. A buffalo is hard to photograph, especially when the light is behind them, because they just become a black blob with no detail. It was hazy day, so the background has a blue tint to it

Kasey has been introduced to "Nester", the stuffed horse that Barrie drug around with her everywhere when she was little.

This is a "glamour shot" I did of Tracy. I think she was about 15. I made that hat, and she actually wore it sometime, and even let me take her picture.


The kitten is not eating as much as he did when I first started feeding him. I think he is eating enough, but he doesn't like the nipples on the bottle. He will suck for a short while, then spit it out and yowl. He is a cranky little guy, and lets me know he is unhappy.

I think when we first found him, he was so hungry he didn't stop to think that the bottle wasn't really his mother. Now he is protesting. Barrie trimmed his toenails today, and gave him a complete "bath" with a warm wet wash rag. He was ready to get back in hix box and curl up with his fuzzy monkey and sleep.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Day in Jackson

Barrie and Kasey and I went to Jackson today. We did a little shopping at KMart, and bought some groceries at Smiths on the way home. But mostly we drove around and enjoyed the scenery. We drove up the Gros Ventre to Kelly and on up to Slide Lake. It was a beautiful drive, lots of fall color, and we saw Buffalo.

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We played "tourist" and I took a picture of Barrie and Kasey in front of the Tetons.

Just some of the fall trees we saw

I have never taken what I considered a successful photo of this barn on Mormon Row, but today the conditions were right.


It's great to travel with Barrie. I am usually the driver, and miss some of the scenery. Today she did the driving, and she is very good at stopping to let me take pictures. Also, when we got home, I brought one load of my groceries upstairs, and came up to feed the kitten. Poor little thing had not been fed for too long. Barrie finished unloading the pickup, even packed up my heavy cameras and bag!

The hole in the nipple on the bottle I got for the kitten was too large. I found new bottles today, and cut a hole that worked better. He ate most of his formula, but didn't seem happy yet. I let him loose on the floor, and he crawled around for a while, and found my feet. He tried to snuggle up,and started sucking on my sock. I fed him the rest of his bottle, "bathroomed" him, and put him in his box with his fuzzy monkey. He went right to sleep. I think the monkey is better than my feet for comfort.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Meet the Cat

The New Resident
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This is "the cat" (no name yet) who has moved into my house.

Wednesday afternoon, I found a very small dead kitten on the rock walk in front of my porch. When I looked in the doghouse, which is beside the porch, I saw a little white kitten in there. I figured one of the cats who eats here had brought them up into the yard, and something had happened to one of them. I thought she would be back for the other one, and didn't do anything about it.

The next afternoon, Barrie came up and said she could hear the kitten yowling the minute she came into the yard. So I guess the mother did not come back. Barrie brought the kitten in, and went to the Animal Clinic to get kitten formula and a bottle. We think he is about two weeks old. He is tiny, but seems strong.

I fixed up a little box and put in some polar fleece and one of Kasey's little fuzzy stuffed animals. Barrie worked with him quite a while to get him to eat, and she fed him twice before she went home. I fed him about 9:00 and again at midnight, and he slept through the night.

I have fed him three times today, and got him to go to the bathroom in the bathroom sink. Yuck! Very small kittens have to be stimulated to use the bathroom, which their mothers do by licking them. I used a piece of soft paper towel with warm water.

I raised a kitten on a bottle years ago -deja vu!
Wonder what I will do with him later, assuming he makes it. He is very strong, has a good appetite, and seems healthy. I am so allergic to cats, so wish he could have a home where he can be a house cat.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Saved the Kielbasa

Left Overs:
Sally asked me the other day about the Kielbasa I was cooking in the crock pot. Sorry, Sally. Mine turned out gross, and I guess yours did too! Today I fished the Kielbasa out of the mess, and browned it in a skillet. I then made some noodles flavored with mustard, Italian seasoning, garlic, and grated Parmeson. I put the Kielbasa in the noodle mixture, and think I have something worth eating now!! Also took some carrots out of the fridge that were starting to get old, and have cooked carrots to go with the noodles. Ahhh - a meal fit for a Queen!


I have taken my stack of old cottom diapers upstairs to start washing windows. They are so dirty,(the windows, not the diapers) and now that the sun is lower, it shines right on them, and they really look bad. I guess most of the diapers have worn out, but I found some floursack dish towels somewhere, and they work pretty good too. Lynn and Judi mentioned a special cloth they use on windows that works great. Maybe one of them will give me the information on it.

I think I have about 250 slides scanned, and about 150 left to go. I'm so glad I sorted them out several years ago and got rid of so many.

Click on images for a larger view. A young Great Horned Owl, or maybe a Long Eared Owl?

Barrie and I were talking about Kasey's nappping habits, and other kids. I remember both Tracy and Barrie would go to sleep anywhere if they were tired - no matter what was going on. I think I had been to Meadow Lake taking pictures on this day, and Barrie just went to sleep standing up in the back seat of the Jeep.

Feeding at Murdocks


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday Sept. 24

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Corrals in the Moonlight

Kokopelli Still Life

I enjoy converting color images to black and white. There are so many things you can do with them in the way of contrast, tones, and other adjustments. I used to take a lot of black and white pictures when I had my film 35mm cameras, and had a darkroom. Doing it on the computer is so much faster, no smelly chemicals, and no wasted paper when it doesn't turn out right.

The photo of the corrals was taken on South Pass, and it was not at night. I converted it to black and white, and just kept messing with it until I thought it looked like a moonlit night.


This is one of the slides I scanned recently. On the slide, it says "Fremont Peak". I have no idea when or where I took it. It almost looks like an aerial photo. I have flown over the mountains a couple of times in a small plane, but I don't see any more slides that look like I took them from a plane.


I made some progress on the watercolor of the old cabin in the art group this morning. I can't keep myself from wanting to paint every log and all the details.

Vicky is going to Alaska next week to visit family, and Dick and Nancy are making a trip to Hawaii. I wish them all a safe trip and hope they have a wonderful time.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Few Photos of fall Color

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At the Cemetary

At the CC Ponds

At the CC Ponds

Even though I didn't have a lot of enthusiam, I grabbed my camera today and went out to see if I could find anything interesting to photograph. I drove through the campground at the lake, and went to the CCC Ponds. I didn't ger very many good photos, but a few were OK. thought about driving up Skyline to Elkheart Park, but changed my mind. There was so much traffic on Skyline that I decided to wait for a better day, maybe after hunting season.

Sally called this morning and wondered what I put in with my Kielbasa, cabbage and applies. I told her I used brown sugar, and I hope hers turned out better than mine. I am often sorry when I cook in a crockput, because I think everything turns out like mush. It would have been much better if I had fixed it in a big skillet and cooked it only about 30 minutes.

Tracy and Paul just got back from Florida. They are looking at property there, and think they would like to have a vacation home there. But they also like to come here in the summer for boating and fishing on Fremont. Tracy thinks I would like to live in Florida in the winter, but I'm not so sure.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Rainy Monday

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Yellow and Green

We went to Hogle Zoo years ago. Barrie wanted a balloon, and for some reason (can't remember why now), I said "no". Tracy stepped in and lectured me and said she should have one, so Barrie got her balloon. As you can see from the picture, she was very happy with it.


I love rainy days! It has rained all day, sometimes harder than other times. I just noticed the garage roof has some slush on it, so I guess it must have snowed a little bit. No wind yet, but it is starting to come up. The leaves from the cottonwood trees behind the house are really coming down.

I scanned another sheet of slides this morning. I am a slow learner, but today it occured to me that I can be editing four images in Photoshop at the same time the scanner is scanning the next four. It saves a lot of time.

I haven't yet taken any drives to take pictures of the fall colors. If this rain turns into snow and wind, I may be too late. The quakies out my window haven't turned colors yet.

If you remember, I spent over $350 to have two cats spayed. One of them has not been around for quite a while now. I haven't given up all hope on her yet, but she was almost always here to eat in the mornings. So I suppose the little bobtail cat I have left is now my $350 cat!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Falling Leaves

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I have some old (very old) 300 lb. paper, and decided to try a painting on it. One side looked like it was damaged, when I applied a wash, there were lines across it, like something had rubbed on it. So I used the other side. I had a really hard time with it - seemed like it didn't want to take the color, and I think I reworked the sky three times! I have some more of this paper, and will try again.

I just found the slide I took of this painting, which I did years ago. I think this old cabin was on the road up to Fort William. I didn't even try to paint snow last winter! Guess that will be one goal this winter.


I have a song running through my mind - "The autumn leaves fall by my window . . ." I have so many trees around my house, the leaves have all turned, and when there is a breeze, the leaves float down. It makes it hard to concentrate on anything else, because I just watch the leaves come down. Well, some of us are easily entertained, I guess.

I have a crockpot full of kielbasa, cabbage, onions, and apples, with brown sugar. I don't know how it will be, but it sure smells good. And I have enough to last me two weeks! I bought a food
dehydrator some time ago, and dried some Granny Smith apples. I soaked them in hot water for a while today, and put them in the crockpot. I have no idea how they will be, because I have never used dehydrated apples before.

My freezer is so full of "stuff" - and every time I take one thing out and cook, I end up putting twice as much back in as leftovers.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday November 20

The Blockhead
I brought up the old old wooden alphabet blocks from the basement today, and Kasey had a good time with them

This is another photo of the old house I posted before. From the position of Mt. Moran, it may not be on Mormon Row, but further to the north. Maybe I'll see it again some day.

I don't know if I took this picture on the feedground on the Upper Green, or the National Elk Refuge. I like it because it doesn't look like is on a feedground.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Scanning Slides

I started scanning the slides in the plastic pages this morning. I think they are in better shape than the ones I had stored in the storage cases. I haven't seen any flares on the corners yet. So maybe the plastic is better than I thought it was. Archival, is that the word I want?

Each page has 20 slides, and I only got one page done this morning. I find that I was somewhat organized way back when I put the slides in the pages. One page has all flowers, another page old buildings, another page kids, etc.

I also find that I don't have very many pictures of Tracy. When she was small, I didn't have a good camera, just a little Instamatic. Then she grew up and went away to college and a job, and wasn't here for me to photograph. I do have some of her high school years, though.

I have some new albums with archival pages, and want to move my prints from the old albums to new ones. There are more pictures of her in the albums.

Here are a few slides I scanned this morning:
Click in images for a larger view.
One spring we drove up Skyline Drive, and found this "Snow Family", a very buxom mom, a baby, and a bearded father. What fun the people must have had building these!

The last several years I taught kindergarten, Cris Paravicini brought me a setting hen for the classroom. This is one brood that hatched. They were so much fun, and the kindergartners will probably remember it all their lives. We were usually successful, but one year we had a hateful old hen who broke up her nest just before the chicks were ready to hatch. Not a pretty sight., and I'm sure the kids in that class will remember it forever too.

Another old building, (outhouse) in the Daisy Pass area north of Cook City, Montana. This was old mining country, and there were lots of old buildings left. I'm not sure, but I think maybe most of them were destroyed by the big Yellowstone Park fire.

I found another picture of the old house I posted before that I wasn't sure of the location. This picture was taken from a different angle, and the Tetons are in the background. So now I know for sure where it was. I haven't yet seen any pictures of the often-photographed old barns on Mormon Row, and wonder why I didn't take any pictures of them?


Judi wondered if the toy in the toilet was one she had given Kasey. Yes, Judi, I'm afraid it is good old Buzz Lightyear. I'm not sure what to do with him. I doubt that he would go through the washing machine very well. Right now he's laying in the bottom of the bath tub. And after seeing the picture I took of the toilet stool, I decided I needed to clean it today!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


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Barrie Reading to Kasey

I'm so happy that Kasey likes books. She doesn't sit still for long, but makes it through a short book. I ordered some more books for my house this afternoon - things like the board books "Brown Bear" and "The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly".

Today Kasey learned to lift the lid on the toilet stool. At first she shut it on her fingers, but this is what greeted me when I went to the bathroom after she left.


I finished scanning the slides in the storage cases today. Now I have to start on the ones in plastic sleeves. I'm not sure I will do all of them, but need to go through them anyway. I hope they haven't deteriorated more than the ones in boxes. "I'm pretty sure the plastic sleeves are not the right material to safely store slides.

Barrie and Kasey were here most of the afternoon. I got out "Nester", Barrie's old stuffed horse that went everywhere with her when she was little, but I never got a picture of Kasey with it. We talked about the toys I have on shelves and in boxes in the basement, and we will probably bring them up, one or two at a time. Most of them are ones Barrie or Tracy had when they were a little older.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday Sept 17

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A face wash

I think this is kind of like learning to walk and chew gum at the same time. Kasey has mastered wearing these glasses and walking at the same time. She has been concentrating so hard on tilting her head back to keep the glasses on that she couldn't move her feet. She makes us laugh.

Photo by Clint Gilchrest

Barrie, smoking' the other teams in the six dog race up the Green last winter.


Enjoyed meeting with the art group this morning. Nancy S, Nancy J, Vicky, Barbara, Pam and Conley were there. Caroline S. stopped in for a while - it was good to see her. And Hope stopped in to show us the completed poster. She finds interesting posters, then adds to them with acrylics. This one had several afghan hounds, a woman, and other animals. They are really interesting.

We discussed viewing our paintings - looking at them upside down, from across the room, squinting, in a mirror, etc. and how it helps us to see it more clearly. For me, it is scanning or photographing it and seeing it on a computer monitor. There's something about seeing a painting or drawing on the computer screen that I quickly see where I have made mistakes or where I need to do more work.


I am reading the book "Royals". It is about the Royal Family in Great Britain, something I've never thought I would find interesting. It is written more like a gossip column about the family, and totally believable. The family members are hard to follow, as they changed their names when it suited them, especially those with German ties during WWII. Then they became Earl of --, or whatever, and didn't even use last names. The Monarchy was certainly revered in Great Britain, and it seemed they could do no wrong in the public eye. All their actions were defended by the people. But of course they had a staff of about two dozen to make sure only the best about them reached the press. I think this has changed somewhat now, but I never hear any news about them.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday September 16

I have scanned a few slides this morning, but feel like I should do something else for a while.

Click on images for a larger veiw
This one was a pleasant surprise. I am going to print it out, and maybe paint it. Love this old house! But I don't know where I took the picture. I think it was around the Tetons, maybe Mormom Row? But I just can't recall. Does anyone recognize it?

There was a fox den on the road going into Murdock's ranch, and I photographed the fox several days. I got some good photos.


I logged onto my Ameritrade Account last night, and sold all my stock. I am certainly not a large investor, but have had fun through the years dabbling in the stock market. With the economy the way it is, it's not fun any more. I have made a little money through the years, not much, but enough to keep me interested. I took a loss on two of the three firms I sold last night - now I can just quit worrying about it. Of course, all the politicians and Wall Street guys say we should just hang on and not sell. I haven't looked yet to see how to request a check, because I don't want to leave the cash in my Ameritrade account.

I never had any ripe chokecherries this year. It looks like they all froze before they ripened. So all the robins left without their usual fall feast at my place.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday - Scanning slides

I made some progress with scanning my slides today, but still have a long ways to go! Some of my slides did not look good, some of them I was able to edit with Photoshop, and some I just deleted. I think maybe they are starting to deteriorate. Some of them had little rainbow like flares in the corners, and some had a cloudy film over the image.

It's an interesting job, as I have not looked through my slides in years, and it's alwys fun to look at old pictures.

Click on images for a larger view.

Chuck was spawning fish at a creek at Flaming Gorge, and Barrie and I drove down there for a weekend. We rode the motorcycle up on a hill and watched a rainstorm across the canyon. When the rainbow came out, I started taking pictures - and then there was a double rainbow. What a treat!

Rainy Day in Yellowstone

We were planning a trip to Yellowstone - pickup camper and take the motorcycle along. Everything was packed, and loaded to go. I was photographing a wedding at Boulder Lake, and as soon as the wedding was over, I came home, jumped in the pickup, and we were off. It wasn't until we got there that I discovered I had forgotten to pack coats for Barrie and me. This picture may not show it, but Barrie really did have a good time!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


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My neice's son. I sure need to work on his mouth more. It kind of looks like it is pasted on his face.

Mare and foal


As I look at the more recent pencil drawings I am doing, I realize why my old ones are better. My old drawings have some good strong darks in them, and I'm not getting that in my newer work. My new ones look kind of flat and anemic.


Barrie and Kasey walked in a walk/run benefit in Jackson yesterday. Kasey got a new shirt, which hangs down below her knees. She had a "bed head" after riding in her car seat from Jackson.


I didn't even get up until 10:00 today. Stayed up late because I just HAD to finish the book I was reading. I scanned a couple of dozen slides while I was drinking my morning coffee. Then I came upstairs and finished resizing some dog pictures for Barrie.

I have a new movie - "The Bucket List". I have heard both Judi and Lynn mention it, so I ordered it. I may watch it this afternoon. I also have some art videos I checked out from the art room at the senior center. One is on watercolor portraits, one is called "Developing your Watercolours" and the other is "The Watercolorist's Essential Notebook, Landscapes". That's a lot of video watching!


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday September 13

The New Scanner
Click on images for a larger view.
Here is a photo of the new scanner set up with four slides to be scanned. It's not as fast as I was hoping it would be, but does a nice job. One thing I really like about it is that it will immediately open all four scans in Photoshop so I can edit, crop, etc. It saves the files somewhere else too, in some folder it created itself. I will try to keep that folder cleaned out to save room on the hard drive. I scanned a couple dozen slides of old art work yesterday. Now I will have to go through all the slides and see what I want to scan. Lots of pictures of my girls, dogs, cats, etc.


An elephant I did in pencil - after visiting the Hogle Zoo. I remember how much fun it was to draw the textures and wrinkles in his skin.

Another of my "Indians of the Past" drawings. The slide said "sold" on it, but I have no idea who bought it.


I may have solved the problem of reducing the file size of a photo to under 30 KB and still keeping the image large enough to see. I will have to practice some more before I could even explain how I did it. For one thing, when you resize it to about 450 pixels on one side (and change the resolution to 72 dpi), and save it -- the "save" dialog has a little slider you can adjust for image quality. This affects the file size. So if you slide it far to the left, you are reducing the image quality along with the size of the file. But if the photo is going to be published on the web, the low quality looks OK.

There is also a "Save for Web" menu in Photoshop, and you can make ajustments there that will affect file size.

I thought the information I found on the internet was pretty sketchy on how to do this. I have books on Photoshop, and maybe I will see if there is more information in the books.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Beautiful fall day

Snarly Face
Click on images for a larger version
Having fun making faces

Here are two pen and inks I did about a year ago. I did five of these, and they are even in frames. I intended to hang them in one of the downstairs bedrooms, but they are still leaning against the wall in the living room. I need to put the hanging wires on them.


The new scanner is here. It is always so much work to set new things up!! Just moving the file and cart out from the wall enough to get to the electrical outlet was hard work. It is now plugged in and the cable is plugged in to the computer. I suppose this is the time to take out the manual and read it. I used the old USB cable from the old scanner, as the new one wasn't long enough to reach the computer. I'm sure it will be OK.

It came with the program "Photoshop Elements", but as I have the full blown Photoshop CS2, I won't install that. I think I used "Photoshop Elements" once - it came with one of my cameras. It was a nice program, and you can really do quite a bit with it. Maybe someone else can use it.

It's a sure sign of fall when the propane truck shows up to fill your tank. I really wonder how much it is going to cost me to stay warm this winter! It was $1.87 a gallon last winter, and was $2.53 today. I hope they keep me on a regular delivery schedule. I ran out of propane once last winter, 11:00 at night, and 20 below zero. They did get a truck out to fill my tank in a couple hours that night, but it's frustrating when I am supposed to be on auto-delivery, and they didn't do it. When the snow gets deep in the winter, I can't even get to my tank to read the gauge.

The town has finally approved the building permit for the old Z's inn down the street from me. The guy wanted to put 24 log cabins in there, but the town wouldn't approve that because of the fact that Canal Street and Haystack Street would have to be paved. The guy brought in new plans, and they are now going to put in a two story motel instead of the cabins, and the builder and the town will share the cost of chip sealing the street. I suppose they will chip seal Canal Street just in back of the motel, not the whole street. I was surprised to see a grader on the street last summer. It was the first time in four years that my street had been graded.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday September 11

Here are two photos I took from Barrie's dog lot, which is a short ways beyond Soda Lake. The sun was just going down, and the color was beautiful. The big rock is beside the road, and the quakies are stunted, but I think they are beautiful.

The horses are pastured around the dog lot, and the light was so pretty as the sun was going down. I guess that's why they call sunup and sundown "the magic moments".

Click on photos for a larger version


I guess this is going to be a very lazy day. It is almost noon, and I'm not even dressed yet! What a wonderful, relaxed feeling!

I have been moving photos from the memory cards in my cameras to the hard drive. I try to delete the bad ones as I go, but I need to go through them again. I try to do this once a month, then format them so only one month's worth of pictures is on the card. Then I will back up to the external drive.

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new scanner. Then I can get on with the job of scanning slides and organizing them.

I ordered a more complete set of pastel pencils. I'm not sure now what brand they are, but they will fit my pencil sharpener and I can keep them sharp. My old, small set of pastel pencils were large, and the only way I could sharpen them was with a knife and a piece of sandpaper.

I am trying to help Barrie upload some pictures to her web site for her sled dog kennel. They were taken with a HP Photosmart digital camera. I copied them to my hard drive, and am using Photoshop to edit them. The web site will not accept them if they are over 30 KB. When I resize them, I find they are all 300 dpi. I change that to 72 dpi, then try to get the file size down to under 30 KB, and it is not working for me. The other photos of that web site are about 350 pixels along one side, but when I try to resize Barrie's pictures to those dimensions, they are still way over 30 KB. I end up being frustrated and confused with all the KB's and pixels and dpi's, and quit.