Sunday, August 31, 2008

Saturday August 31

Yummy Enchiladas

Barrie wasn't lying when she said she made good enchiladas. She brought chicken enchiladas for supper, and they were delicious.

I gave her my old laptop computer. I had a wireless internet card for it, and it found my home wireless internet, but we couldn't get it on line. I have done a little more reading, and think maybe my wireless network is protected, but we are hoping she can get on the public wireless servers, like at the library and Rock Rabbit, and motels. There's got to be a way to add that computer to my network, but I haven't figured out how. The main thing she needs it for is to practice her typing, and how to use Microsoft Office applications. And I even found a CD with "Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing" on it. So we installed it on her computer.

There were some photos on that computer that I had forgotten about, and I tried to copy them to a CD so I could put them on the hard drive of my desktop computer. The laptop could not cooperate - gave me the message that it couldn't write to that CD, and to use a different one. I tried several, and I know nothing was wrong with them, but never did get the computer to write to a CD. Maybe another day.


Barrie also brought her camera and we downloaded some pictures and I printed some out for her. This is Kasey a couple of months ago, eating her chocolate birthday cupcake.


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Salads are Coming

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You may remember I bought a patio tomato plant this summer. It is blooming, and will hopefully bear tomatoes. The last one I had lived for two years in the dining room window, and put out lots of tomatoes - some of them almost baseball size. This one might just be cherry tomatoes, I don't know what to expect. And next to it, I have planted lettuce in my little AeroGarden. I have grown lettuce in it before, and I had more lettuce than I could eat.

So hopefully, one of these days, I will be eating lots of salad!

Barrie called and she and Kasey are coming over this afternoon. She said she will make enchiladas and bring them. She has been bragging about what good enchiladas she makes. And she wants me to get some pictures off her camera and print some.


I forgot and left two windows open downstairs last night, and when I got up this morning, the furnace was running. I thought I had the thermostat set at 60, but it was at 65 - so who knows how much propane I wasted!

I woke up to the smell of smoke again this morning. It really doesn't bother me much, but I know a lot of people are complaining about difficulty in breathing, and burning eyes.

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Another "Calvin" cartoon - is this "home schooling"?

Friday, August 29, 2008

Kasey Shows Off - August 29

Kasey enjoys having a captive audience!

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Kasey and Gary came to visit today. Every time I see her, she is doing new things, and I have to admit she is a show off! She is so good natured, and likes to entertain us. Please don't tell my friends who brought me toys for her, but her favorite toy today was an old CD and a internet/phone jack with a short cord on it. She would put the cord through the hole in the CD and thought that was just great. We also played ball at the table. When she left today, she actually held her arms out to me to give me "luvins'".


This is a picture of Tracy and Bogie in their boat at Lake Powell. Doesn't she look glamorous in that hat and dark glasses?


Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Smoke in the Sky - Thursday August 28

Funny-Looking Buffalo

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This is a small (5" x 7") buffalo I painted yesterday at art group. on a blank greeting card. I really tried to be loose, use more vivid colors, and use backruns and blooms on purpose. I decided I would paint some greeting cards, and so far only have about three that I would consider a success. If nothing else, I paint the picture upside down so the card doesn't open correcly! You will notice that I labeled the top and bottom on this one.

This is the pastel portrait I have been working on. I did more work on her mouth this morning, and now I think I need to do more work on her ears. This one was not done with my new Unison pastels, but I am using them on the new portrait I started yesterday. They are so nice! They are softer than my old pastels, and I think the colors are more vivid. Also, I haven't noticed any little hard pieces of "grit" like my old pastels.


Very smoky skies again. I have heard through the grapevine that a rancher up the Green decided to do a controlled burn, and it got away.

It's cold enough to close my windows at night now. I think it got down to 24 degrees Tuesday night. But the forecast says it is going to warm up again, then maybe rain for the Labor Day Weekend.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Art Stuff:

I had a pleasant surprise when I went to the art group meeting at Rendezvous Pointe this morning. Nancy was there! It had been a long time since she has attended, and I enjoyed visiting with her so much.

I helped Terry check in and write the prices on the new mats we ordered. Really nice mats, and I guess we had better really get busy painting to put something in them.

Have been keeping up with Judi's blog - she and Vicky were in Kansas yesterday. Sounds like they are having a wonderful time. I've never been in Kansas. One of my all time favorite movies is "The Wizard of Oz". I once saw a T-shirt that said "Dear Aunt Em: Hate you, hate Kansas, took the dog". Signed "Dorothy". Yes, I know I have a sick sense of humor, but I thought it was funny.

My friend Betty C. called (Gina's daughter). Haven't seen her for ages, and really enjoyed visiting with her. Betty's son was in my kindergarten class (can't believe he's grown up now). Betty worked with me as a teacher's aide for a while too - we had fun. And I'm sure Betty remembers when I won the "Garden of Beauty" award. Well, let's not share that story, Betty. OK?


My brother and sister-in-law celebrated their 50th wedding anniversay with a big picnic and gathering in their yard last summer. I think about 100 friends, relatives and neighbors attended. It was a wonderful day. This is their youngest grandchild. I took his picture at the end of the day. He had been so busy and active all day - and I named this photo "The End".

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday August 26

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I completed this pencil drawing of mules yesterday.

Somone said I should toot my own horn and publish this photo of a watercolor with the prize it won at the Sublette County Fair.


I completed a pastel portrait yesterday, but after letting it alone overnight, I can see where I need to work on parts of it a lilttle more.

I finally started to use the Unison pastels. They are softer than I am used to, but I love them. I have started another portrait on a light tan piece of sanded paper. I have a wolf and a dog started, and need to work on them. I am doing the dog on velour paper, and am not sure how that will work.

It was so nice to spend uninterrupted time alone yesterday. I painted, and also made four DVD copies of VCR tapes. I was tired, and went to bed too early. Then of course I woke up about 6:00. I really hate that. Maybe I can convince myself to take a nap this afternoon so I can stay up later.

When I retired, I planned on taking naps, and watching one soap opera on a regular basis. I have never gotten around to taking naps, and I find that I can't stand soap operas.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday - August 25, 2008

Click on images for a larger version Old Gate - Pencil Drawiwng

Can't leave those colored pencils alone.

Today I think I will lock myself in my room and paint! I haven't done any painting for about a week. Last Tuesday Gary and Kasey were here, Barrie and Kasey were here Thursday and stayed for supper. Gary and Kasey were here on Friday, Barrie and Kasey were here Saturday and stayed for supper, and Gary and Kasey were here yesterday and stayed for supper. That's a lot of company for an old recluse like me!

The new DVD recorder is still messed up. At least the remote controls are. It works OK - I experimented with it a little bit yesterday and was able to copy some stuff from a VCR to a DVD. But I can't turn the player off with the remote - it turns the TV off instead.

So I think I will begin to copy some VCR tapes on the upstairs system. Barrie brought one of our favorite movies - Spirit of the Wind. And I will see if I can get a copy made on a DVD. It is about Geogre Attla, a famous old Alaskan sled dog racer.

We have smoky skies again today, as I guess the New Fork Fire has kicked up. I get so amused at the Forest Service. They can't refer to it as a "fire". They call it an "incidence". They also say the fire won't go out until a "season-ending event". I guess it would sound too common to just say "when it snows".

I read on a Rainbow blog that their big summer gathering will be held in New Mexico next summer.


How come we choose from just two people to run for president and over fifty for Miss America?


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday August 23

I am hoping to be able to spend all afternoon upstairs on my art work. Seems like I haven't done any for ages. Last Wednesday was art group, and we had a video. I didn't work on anything. Thursday, Barrie and Kasey came over and stayed to eat. Friday, Gary and Kasey came and Gary helped me get the new VCR/DVD set up

Kasey, helping us look for the remote!
The new VCR/DVD player is a piece of work. The instructions on how to set it up were too complicated for any normal person to figure out. Too many options for different setups, and all I want to do is slip a tape or disc in it and have it work! And be able to record. We finally got it set up, but it's not right yet. If I turn the VCR off, the TV goes off. Now I have to figure out how to program the remotes. Right now, it takes three of them to operate the system. I will have to have a special little "tool apron" for all the remotes. And we discovered there is no way to turn the TV off except with a remote. There is no on/off button on the set itself. I did accomplish one thing this morning - I found the operating instructions for the VCR/DVD player recorder I have upstairs. It had gotten pushed out of the drawer and was on the floor underneath it.
Probably Terry and I will the only ones at the next art group meeting. Judi and Vicky will be off to Texas, Pam's daughter is getting married, and Conley is visiting kids. The art group has a bunch of new supplies in, especially mats, and things need to be checked off the order list and prices marked. I told Terry I would help her with that.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

August 21, Thursday

Another photo of Great Great Grandad John Enos

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Not a very high quality photo, as I scanned it from a magazine. But you can see his coat and the spare mocassins. I also found the article I had about him, and found that he lived to be 107. Also found census records that showed his mother and Chief Washakie's mother were sisters.

Lynn wondered about the purse he was carrying in the photo I posted yesterday. Maybe he was holding it for his wife while she tried on a dress? (Just joking). The Indian men of long ago always carried bags of some sort, I assume because they were so nomadic, and they carried arrowheads, jerkey, etc. with them. I suppose a woman's purse works as well as anything.

I'm not sure I'm allowed to post these, as they are photographs of original oil paintings done by Dave McNalley of Jackson. Years ago, I put him in touch with my ex husband because he wanted to meet and paint some native Americans. He did these two paintings of Bud, Tracy's Grandad. When Tracy and I saw them in the Wilcox Gallery, we bought the one of him as a cowboy. They are 18"x24". It hung in my house for years, and I finally took it to Colorado and Tracy now has it on her wall. She has made a couple attempts through the years to purchase the one of him in the headress, but the owners were never interested in selling it.


I have added a new blog site to my list to the right. If you like history and enjoy looking at old photographs, you might enjoy this blog "Old Picture of the Day".

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Some Really Old Pictures

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When I began to use watercolors again, I painted this leaf. I think it's only about 2 inches across. I have tried since than to do a couple of still lifes with a fall theme, and have never been able to paint a leaf I liked as well as this. Who can figure?
A Couple of Very Old Photos -

This is Tracy's Grandad, Edmo (Bud) LeClair. He was a Shoshone Indian, and ranched near Fort Washakie. What a grand old man! I will always miss the great stories he told.

This is Tracy's Great Great Grandad, John Enos. His daughter was Bud's mother. I never knew him. I have another picture of him wearing a long Hudson Bay blanket coat, the tall reservation hat, and a pair of spare mocassins hanging from his belt. The family said he took a bath every day of his life. In the winter, the kids had to cut dead grass for straw to spread around the hole he chopped in the ice of the Wind River. After he bathed, he stood on the grass to dry off. And he lived to be about 100 years old!!


I attended the art group this morning. Wish we hadn't had the video on so long, it interferes with our social time!

Judi brought me some more toys for Kasey - then Dee C. came in with another bag of toys and books. And Tracy has bought a unicorn Halloween costume for her! And the other news is that Barrie has called me and she and Kasey are coming to visit tomorrow afternoon.

Judi is leaving for Texas to babysit Chase's kids. His wife is going back to college. Rolli will join her later in the winter. Vicky is going to go with her so she won't have to travel alone, then Vicky will fly back. They will have a good time and see lots of sights. I reminded them about "Thelma and Louise", and asked them to behave themselves and avoid the Grand Canyon.

The rest of my new Unison pastels came today. I have 90 pieces now, and that should be enough to produce a masterpiece!! (Ha)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday August 18

More Photo Organizing

Click im images for a larger view
I'm still sorting through photos on my hard drive, trying to organize them in files that make sense and will make something easy to find if I am looking for it - if I know what I am looking for. When my mom began to fail, I made many trips over South Pass. This portion of the road always looks so lonesome and desolate. One day I just stopped and photographed it. I liked the way the sky looked, and also liked the fact that there wasn't another car in sight.

I once took a photo class at the Teton Science School, back when I shot slides. The instructor took us up on this mountain, a storm came through, and we all took pictures like crazy. The photographer kept saying "promise me you won't sue me if we get struck by lightning". Well, none of us got hit, and I only got one good picture. In those days, we had to wait until the slides came back before we knew what we had!


Photo Scavenger Hunt

My Internet photography group has a monthly scavenger hunt. Sometimes it takes a lot of thinking and imaginatioin to come up with photos for the subjects. Here are a couple:

The word for this was "empty"

The word for this was "scents of the season.

The word for this was "unusual". I didn't come up with this myself - I had seen something similar somewhere that made me think of it.


It's a lazy day. I haven't done much, and now I'm ready to go upstairs and struggle along with the soft pastels. Seems like they weren't so hard for me to work with years ago! I'm not sure I should have started with a portrait. But as usual, I look at all my mistakes as a learning experience.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday, August 16

I am still trying to organize my photos on my hard drive, a never-ending job! I found a couple of fun pictures I thought I would post today.

Click on photos for a larger image.
While messing around with the camera and experimenting with different settings for photographing the moon, I was surprised to see there really IS a man in the moon! Can you see the face?

I was setting up a still life for some assignment for a photo scavenger hunt. I have an ulu knife from Alaska with a moose etched on it. When I looked at this picture, it appears that the moose is eating the parsley.

When I took a drive to see the White Mountain herd of wild horses, I was so impressed with the beautiful view from the top of White Mountain. The Interstate and railroad are below the bottom of the picture and Green River is a short disance to the right. I put my camera on a tripod and took about 5 photos, then "stitched" them together to make a panorama.


Gary brought Kasey yesterday afternoon, and she was so busy exploring - my upstairs room this time. Lots of interesting things up there, and she also enjoyed the toys Judi sent home with me. She just gets cuter and cuter. She is very aware of how cute she is, and is a show off!

I made meatloaf, baked potatoes, corn, and garlic bread, and they stayed to eat. I had an old wooden high chair that had been in the basement when I first moved into this house 40 years ago or so. I doesn't have a tray, but I pushed it up to the table and Kasey dined in style!

The skunk was on the front porch again when they left. He must be a daily visitor, eating cat food and getting ready to hibernate. I think I'll just leave him alone. It will soon be winter and he hopefully will find a place to hole up. And hopefully under the neighbor's house, not mine. With a basement, there isn't a place he can get under.

Friday, August 15, 2008

More Signs

I remembered to take my camera with me today so I could take pictures of a couple of signs around town that I thought were rather comical.

Click on images for a larger version.
The ice is VERY thin at the park in August!

I don't remember when they first put up these wood street signs in Pinedale - I know it was a long time ago. The "Z" in "Rendezvous" was backwards, and still is.


Here are two more osprey photos I took with my 300mm lens at the lake last summer. I kind of wish I had taken it this year, as I missed some good pictures. But it's more relaxing to cruise around the lake without the pressure of getting good photos.


It is definitely fall. Maybe I am a wimp, but I turned my heat on this morning when I got up. My chokecherries are starting to turn a rosy color. It won't be long until half the robins in town are at my house, eating chokecherries, and leaving big purple splotches on all those white pickups!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

August 14

What a quiet day!! It always seems too quiet when your company leaves, and kind of let down feeling.

Click on images for a larger version

This is Paul and Tracy's camper. They got it last summer. The top of it raises and lowers about 18 inches, or maybe 2 ft. That makes it nicer to travel with, and when up, gives them head room. It will sleep four. They didn't get one with a bathroom, but they get along fine without it. It has a little sink, a refrigerator, and a stove.

Captain Paul


Tracy doesn't have the time to e-mail me pictures very often, so she brought me a CD with LOTS of pictures. I enjoyed looking through them all this morning. I had looked at them quickly the night they came, but spent longer going through them all this morning. This is a photo of Tracy taken at the Crow's Nest Cafe in Belize.


The Internet was down for a while this morning. Then when I was able to get back on, I couldn't get my wireless Internet to work. A pop-up screen told me it was very important that I install a Windows update. So I did. After I got the wireless network to work, my e-mail program said it was critical that I update. So I did that. I'm tired of messing with the computer!!

It is sure starting to feel like fall. I am no longer leaving my windows open all night - it gets too cold!

The replacement remote came for my new TV yesterday. I got it programed this morning so I can turn the TV on and off with it and adjust the sound.

I have ordered a new DVD/VCR recorder/player. Seems kind of silly, because I have one upstairs. Can't think of a reason why I would need two!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Last Day at the Lake

Paul and Tracy left for Colorado early this morning. They had to pack up all their stuff, retreive the boat trailer from the lower boat dock, and load the boat on the trailer. They each have their "job". Paul drives the boat up to the dock, and Tracy backs the trailer down. They make an efficient "captain and first mate". It was so much fun to have them here, as always.

I hate to have my picture taken, let alone let anyone see it, but here I am with Kasey, in the screen tent at the lake

She looks much happier when Tracy is holding her. Or maybe I am just a better photographer than Gary.


I didn't accomplish a thing at the art group meeting this morning. It was just nice to be there and visit with everyone.

Judi brought me some little toys for Kasey. She is so thoughtful. When I left, my friend Dee was "bowling" on the Wii with some others. She took something away from her grandson, and he started to cry. I held out the bag of toys to him, he reached in and chose one, and was happy. I know Judi won't mind that we shared.

Donna and Terry spent time looking through the photo album Judi has put together for Rendezous Pointe. It is so interesting, and she even had Vicky's daughter's wedding pictures in it already.

Yesterday was Judi's birthday!! I want to add my best wishes to all the others. She certainly has a wonderful family, and they all made sure her day was special.

It was also Cat's birthday. Cat and Tracy have been friends since school days, and Cat saw on my blog that Paul and Tracy were here. She left a message on my answering machine with her phone number, Tracy called her, and Cat drove up to the lake to have breakfast with them yesterday morning.

In years past, the cell phone reception has not been that great up at the lake. This year, it seemed to be perfect. Paul was able to contact his office in Colorado, and the owner of Miley (the dog) called from an airport in Boston. I think there has been a big increase in tower construction because of the gas development.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Day at the Lake

I got up to Paul and Tracy's campsite just in time for breakfast this morning. Paul was fixing bacon and eggs, potato patties, and bagels. He's a good cook. We went out in the boat later and stayed until afternoon.

Click in images for a larger view.
This is Miley, the dog Paul and Tracy are baby-sitting. She is a nine-month old Burmese Mountain dog, very sweet. She doesn't swim, so Paul put their dog life jacket on her, and got her to go fetch a ball . She was having a very good time until we decided to try it without the life jacket. That took away her self confidence - she kind of sank. Then she didn't want to swim any more.

We saw this scene at a couple of osprey nests this afternoon. The young are exercising their wings. So I guess they will be flying soon. This one would lift up off the nest a couple of feet, and hover there for a while, then drop back down.

I loved the tree this nest is in. One of the young ones was exercising his wings while we watched. It wasn't until I loaded this photo on the computer that I notice there are three osprey in the nest!

I didn't even take my big camera and telephoto lens with me . This was taken with my little compact Canon with a 3x zoom. Lynn is thinking about buying a camera with a 12x zoom, so she should get some great pictures with that.


This is a picture I took at the lake last summer with my big DSLR and telephoto lens. It is wonderful for wildlife photography, but I have to admit the little compact is so much easier to pack around.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Day at the Lake

Kasey on her first boat ride.
Click on images for a larger version
Kasey had her first boat ride today at Fremont Lake. Paul and Tracy are camped up there, and Gary brought Kasey up this afternoon, and we went out in their boat. I was very disappointed with the pictures I got of her. Sometimes she was squealing and jumping up and down with delight, and instead of taking pictures, we were watching her and laughing at her. Thank you, Lynn and Erica for the use of the life jacket!

It rained most of the night, but cleared off this morning. We had a bright, warm day with no wind. Couldn't have asked for nicer weather to spend the day on the lake in a boat. The clouds began to move in about 4:00, which was about the time we were ready to call it a day. It is cool, windy, and raining right now.

Kasey was asleep before we got back to town. She had a very exciting day. Tracy and Paul really enjoyed her. Gary has her again Tuesday afternoon, and he told Paul and Tracy he wants to come up again.

Living on the Edge

I still can't believe I did this. Here is the little skunk who is eating my cat food. He was on the front porch this afternoon, less than five feet from the door. I quietly eased the door open, then even had the nerve (or stupidity) to ease the screen door open. He was so busy eating he didn't even notice. I did stand back a bit while I took the pictures, but I know it was a dumb thing to do. He noticed the sound of the camera shutter, but it didn't seem to bother him much.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday Augusts 9

Click on images for larger version
I finished this watercolor a couple of weeks ago. I have never been able to put "leaves" on trees before. I used a sponge, and was pleased with the results.


Tracy and Paul had not eaten when they got here last night. I pulled some kielbasa and frozen vegetables out of the freezer, and we made stir fry over rice. Tracy kept adding things to it - more garlic, some lemon juice, some hot sauce, some mustard, etc. It was pretty good.

We missed the opening ceremony of the Olympics, but watched all the teams come in and the lighting of the torch. Always pretty spectacular. Today there are women fencers, a bicycle race, and men playing volleyball. I can't get too interested in that. I like the running events, swimming and gymnanists.

I fixed a big breakfast this morning of sausage, eggs, and sourdough hotcakes.

I had bought a new hinge and bolts for my front gate quite a while ago, and never got it put on. Paul did that for me today, and also put a new battery in a smoke alarm.

We went to Falers (oops, I mean Ridleys). Paul got his fishing license, and I bought a new 32 inch plasma TV for downstairs. Paul carried it up, and he and Tracy got it all set up. The receiver would not work correctly, and I ended up calling Dishnet technical support. Seems when a receiver has been unused for a period of time, it has to be reset, which he could do for me, and it works fine. So now I have TV both upstairs and downstairs.

Miley, their friends' dog they brought with them is only 9 months old, is big as a moose, and has no clue what "sit", "no", or "lay down" means. Tracy says she doesn't swim, so they will probably tie her up at their camp while they are out in the boat.


Friday, August 8, 2008

Cool Afternoon

The temperature just went from 76 degrees to 62 in about 15 minutes this afternoon, when a nice rain shower went through. The NWS in Riverton always issues dire warnings for violent thunderstorms and flash flood warnings. I've never known their forecasts for the Upper Green to be accurate.

Anyway, the cool weather feels good. And it seems the New Fork Fire has been slowed down a lot by the weather. It is about 90% contained. It really didn't burn as long as expected, and it did have a lot of benefit to the forest, burning the beetle killed trees. The bad air seemed terrible to us at the time, but it looks like it is over. Well, at least until the next fire.


Tracy called shortly after noon and said they were heading out for Pinedale. It will take them about 7 1/2 or 8 hours. They will stay in the house tonight, then set up at Fremont Lake tomorrow. I mentioned in a previous post that they had their dog put to sleep, so he won't be with them. But they are bringing a dog that belongs to friends!

She forgot to put their newspaper "on vacation" and told me how to log on to the Denver Post site, gave me their account number, and I was able to do it for them. Aren't computers wonderful??

My friend Toni has borrowed a life jacket for Casey from her son and daughter-in-law, so Casey will be able to go out in the boat on Sunday afternoon.

I spent some time today trying to make the house presentable - mostly sweeping and mopping the kitchen and dining room. Also cleaned the coffee pot (they get so gross after a time of use). Did a little more cleaning in the kitchen, and started to fold laundry. I can do the laundry and dry it, but am terrible about getting it folded and put away. Well, I didn't finish with the laundry.


Click on photos for a larger image
I took this photo of an icicle last winter on a warm day, and caught the drop coming off.

Forgot I did this watercolor of a cat some time ago. I had a hard time with it.


Tracy and Paul arrived, earlier than I expected them. I just fixed some stir fry with rice, we have eaten, and are watching the Olympics. Missed the opening ceremories. Darn.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

And Then There Was Max

This is Max
Click on images for a larger view
Meet Max. He was a Silkey Terrior, and the only dog I ever paid for. His registered name was "Blue Barnaby Maximillan". Isn't that ridiculous? He was about as cute a dog as you would ever see. But he was sure a pain in the neck. He somehow "sensed" if the front gate was open without actually seeing it, and that meant he was off. He was well known at several places around town, and Julie E. knew him well. For some reason, Julie usually just brought him home instead of putting him in "doggie jail". When I put chicken wire all around the fence to keep him in, he learned to climb the fence. I spent a lot of time looking for this darned dog.

The summer Tracy worked as a bartender, she would come home around 2:30 in the morning, and Max got out the gate one time and took off down the street. Tracy chased after him, and yelled at him to come to her. Of course he didn't, so she picked up a big rock and threw it. She couldn't even see him at the time, but somehow the rock hit him. He yipped and came back to her. From that time on, he minded Tracy pretty well!


Another version of the old tree in Riverton that I photographed. This time I replaced all the buildings with bushes, and put in a new sky. I must have spent a long time on it.


At art class yesterday, we went through some of the supplies the group has collected that we can buy. And of course I saw something I just had to have. I bought some textured clayboard, which is supposed to be really great for watercolors. Hope I can find time to try it out soon.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wednesday August 6

Click on images for a larger version
This is Chloe (as a kitten). She is one of the two orignal cats I have had spayed. She looks very much like the photo Lynn posted of her little cat with no tail. Choe does not have a tail either, and has produced several kittens with no tails. She is almost tame, will come in the house and rub on my legs, but doesn't want to stay in the house.

Enjoyed meeting with the art group today at the Senior Center, but there weren't many of us there. Vicky's daughter is getting married this week, a big wedding at their house, so she is pretty busy with other things right now. Conley was attending a funeral in Jackson, and Barbara , Donna, and Joyce didn't come. Judi, Pam. Terry and I were the only ones there, but we had a new person come. Really nice lady, and I'm sorry I have already forgotten her name.

We also had several drop-in visitors from the Senior Center in Riverton. They had been to a group trip to the Bar-J Wranglers in Jackson, and stopped by to see our senior center. I think they were impressed.

I printed out two photos of the buck deer that was in my yard yesterday. I wanted to show them to Conley, who is a taxidermist. With all the points and other funny growths on the buck's antlers, I wonder if they are "freaks", and if the buck is healthy.