Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Dogs and More Dogs
Paul and Tracy are in Denver, and when in Denver, They almost always stay at the Hotel Monaco. Daisy seems to like the hotel!

There is no additional charge for pets, and the hotel offers complimentary food and water bowls and dog-park maps; dog-walking and pet-sitting services are available. I think Tracy told me once that guests can take their dog to the cocktail hour and there are bowls of dog treats.

Guests can request a goldfish for the duration of their stay

Barrie on a training run early this morning.

Her lead dogs are eager to go.

Maddy likes to go along and pretend she's a sled dog too. She sits on top of the spool just like they do.

My friend Lenore sent me this photo. Funny!

Monday, August 30, 2010


Beautiful sunset at the lake last night. I think this one must have been for Nancy.


The Clampetts go to the lake.

Stomping in the water.

In the tent.

Cold enough to wear a coat, but KC loves to play in the water.
When Kasey started to turn blue, we finally made her get out. Then she played in the tent a while, and we went home.

This morning my laptop would lock up on some web sites, it wouldn't let me delete my e-mail, then a message popped up that said something was corrupted and that I needed to run Check Disk. It wouldn't even let me shut down, so I did a hard shut down.

Later, I started it up again and walked away. Don't know if it ran Check Disk on itself or not, but it is working great now. And I can't figure out why the screen is suddenly so much easier to read. Seems it has more contrast, and the text is darker.

Going to try the new AV cable on the TV this morning.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Barrie got the tent set up yesterday at the lake. I put an old plastic tablecloth and a cooler on the table of the campsite. If everything blew away last night, it will all be in the trees.

The sky got very black and the wind came up while we were there. I haven't been up today. It's kind of cold and windy.

There were campers and trailers up there, but I think the campers were all inside their trailers, or had come to town. But we drove past one campsite with three pickups, two four wheelers, a boat, and some guys drinking beer. And guess what - the pickups had County 23 plates. Some locals celebrating that many of the tourists have gone home?

I heard some geese go over before I was out of bed this morning!

I signed a check for Barrie to go shopping at Ridley's today. I'm SO happy she does that.
My brother says he doesn't understand Facebook. Here is the link to a funny Youtube video about Facebook in real life.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


All last night and again this morning, it rained and rained. I love the sound of it on my metal roof.

I've seen some blackbirds gathering together in a flock, being very noisy and arguing about who gets to be the leader when they leave.

There are some yellow leaves around, and my caragana bushes are popping their seed pods and scattering seeds so Barrie can kill them next year. It's interesting when the ones by the garage roof start to throw their seeds. They pop off on the metal roof, making a "ping" sound when they hit, then they roll down the roof, "pinging" as they go. It's very noisy!

Unless my chokecherries hurry up, they've not going to get ripe before it freezes.

This does not look good. When this first showed up on the ground under the big pine tree, Barrie had just removed some branches, and I thought it was sawdust. But yesterday I notice it's all around the trunk, and also under the second pine tree.

And this is what the bark looks like. It appears the bark beetles have found my trees.

Maddy helped me inspect the yard yesterday. She looks very worried about the bark beeetles.

This stump, or what's left of it, is in the back yard. It's not beavers, it's not bark beetles. Looks like the work of Maddy.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Now playing on XM Radio - Toby Keith "You Ain't Much Fun Since I Quit Drinking."

Kasey's dahlia's have gone crazy. It's going to be sad when they freeze.

Years ago I dug up some Butter and Eggs and planted in my back yard. Then I tried to get rid of them for years. We just let them go this year, and they look really pretty. Sometimes they get bugs so bad it almost ruins them, but this year they look good, and have spread across the hillside behind the house.

Barrie moved these rabbits out of the back yard when we discovered the dogs were starting to chew on them. She put them out by the back gate and today I brought them in the front yard. They look happy there with my Sedum.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Now playing on XM - Mozart, "Symphony # 29". Yeah, I changed channels for a while!

I took three new pieces to Art Group today for the silent auction. I have no idea what to expect from this auction. A lot of people will see the art work, but who knows if anyone will bid and buy?

We got kicked out of Rendezvous Pointe this morning. They had burning wires somewhere. The County Maintence crew was there looking for it, and they hadn't found anything yet.

Haven't seen any smoke this afternoon, so I guess the building didn't burn down. I don't know if they got it taken care of before people showed up for lunch or not.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


My brother tells me the hat he has belonged to our great grandfather. This picture is from a Chicago newspaper in 1929. Great grandfather is in the back row, center, next to his wife. My dad is kneeling in front, wearing his school sweater with three stripes on the sleeve.

The mesh stand for my laptop computer came, and I wish I had gotten one a long time ago. The computer gets more ventilation, so doesn't get so hot. And the keyboard is tilted, which I really like.

Read in the news this morning that the big tree that Anne Frank wrote about in her diary blew down during a storm.

Also read that some guy in Florida was picked up for the fourth time by the cops for driving a lawnmower down the street drunk. I bet he was a fun neighbor.

I actually watched TV yesterday. I watched Paul Newman in the western "Hombre." You know, that guy with the blue eyes? I had seen it years ago, and forgotten that he dies in the end. Bummer.

There was one line in particular in the movie that tickled me. Hombre and another guy are waiting in the rocks for the outlaws to come back to kill them. Hombre tells him "Try not to puke. You may have to lay in it for a long time."

Monday, August 23, 2010


Ah! Got the cordless keyboard fixed this morning. All it took was stealing two batteries from Barrie's remote control! Not to worry - I replaced them with battteries from my DVD player remote.

Tracy called this morning. They have a campsite reserved at Fremont the 28th through Labor Day. She's not sure they are going to be able to make it because of things going on in their life right now. Good things, not bad things. And no, she's not pregnant!

Anyone recognize this place? Yes, it's Sandy Beach. Tracy used to take Bars up there and ride him in the lake. I'm pretty sure the beach cops would not allow that now.

My brother Bill, in our Grandad's hat.

In 1929, my Grandad and his brothers went to Chicago to play in a baseball tournament - the championship game for the World Brothers League. Except for two nephews, the team was made up of all Marlatt brothers. Our dad was one of the nephews, and come to think of it, the hat may have been his. They lost the game, by the way. But when they went, they all wore big hats and hairy chaps. None of them were cowboys.

My mom gave this hat and some other things to the museum in Torrington. They never displayed any of it, so my brother stopped in there one day and took the hat back.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Old pictures today. Years ago, the Wyo. G&F used to spawn Californa Golden in Surprise Lake. One of my favorite mountain trips. This whole area was burned over in 1988.

Surprise Lake
We rode out of Meadow Lake to get here. Don't remember now how long it took us. Beautiful ride.

Here is one of the California Golden that were in the lake.


Got a new catalog last week with lots of clever tee shirts.


Big repair jobs. The TV still doesn't work. I'm sure it's hooked up correctly, but still can't record from the TV to a DVD. I wonder if the AV cables could be bad?

The laptop battery - hmmm works fine when I make sure the battery compartment is locked. I put two little pads of sticky notes under the edge of the computer to give it better ventilation. When I did that, the battery slipped out. I put it back in, made sure the lock was pushed all the way over, and it is fine. Now THAT was a high-tech repair job.

The keyboard downstairs is just sitting there, waiting for me to try some new batteries as soon as I buy some. Now I have this little sneaky feeling bugging me. What if I put the batteries in backwards?

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Now playing on XM Radio - nothing. I'm trying to fix the TV

Kasey, enjoying the beaches of Pinedale this morning. My red hollyhock is in bloom.

Barrie and Kasey went to garage sales this morning. Kasey got some more dress-up shoes, a plastic blow-up talking chair, some bongo drums, and a new hat. Barrie got her this obnoxious "Pop Pop" toy. Remember those? They make a terrible racket when the kid pushes them across the floor. Barrie said it was going to be an outdoor toy, and Kasey discovered she could fill it with water and the little balls would float.

I have no idea what this vine is. I'm sure it's a bad weed. I've had it in my yard for years and have tried to get rid of it. This year we just let it grow. I kind of like it.

All the dogs are waiting for Barrie to throw a ball.

Computers! I wonder if our Pinedale power has something to do with all the problems I have. This morning I found that the cordless keyboard on my big desktop is dead. Last time I needed batteries, I needed AA, and all we had was AAA. Today, you guessed it. I need AAA and all we have are AA. Barrie found me two batteries in the basement, but she said they might not be good. Keyboard still doesn't work.

I have had to go to "Setup" to get that computer to run. It wanted to boot from a CD and I had to change it every time. This morning, it tried to boot from the CD drive, then immediately switched to the hard drive. Now what caused that? I didn't change anything.

Now my laptop computer tells me a battery is not detected. I unplugged it from the power, and sure enough, the battery is dead. So I guess I had better find out what battery it takes and order one. I think those things are expensive.

Yesterday I ordered a mesh stand to put under the laptop because I thought it was getting really hot. I'll probably find ashes in the battery compartment when I open it.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Now playing on XM - Billy Currington: "God is Great, Beer is Good, People Are Crazy."

Kasey sure likes her flowers. She is watering her petunias.

Barrie took Kasey to the Catholic Church Rummage Sale this afternoon. Barrie did find some good stuff, like expensive dog kennels. But they also got some "just plain fun" stuff. Kasey loves her new shoes. Barrie thought she could wear those things to go out and move the sprinkler.

Kasey wore her new shoes into the house, and Barrie left the silver things out in the yard for Shorty to play with.

I have another one-up. Barrie says her dad fell off a ladder and hurt his ear. OK, let's just forget a little measly plastic plant fell off a shelf on my head. I lead a very boring life. (Thank goodness!)

Barrie noticed some sunflower seeds had been scattered on the couch, so she set a mouse trap and caught a mouse in the living room. Come on Kat! Earn your keep!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Now playing on XM Radio - Toby Keith, "Down in the Trailerhood." I think I used to live there!

Kasey was playing in her stock tank yesterday. She got so cold her teeth were chattering, but she didn't want to get out. Barrie made her sit in the sun a while, and she hauled about 4 big buckets of hot water out and added to the tank. Much better!

Barrie was working on trees when I got home today. She cut three huge branches out of the big pine tree in the front yard. One of them was hanging out over the carport. Then she took some branches off a cottonwood tree in the back yard. Then she mowed the lawn. She hauled all the branches off. She makes me tired!


Vicky went through our cupboards in the art room at Rendezvous Pointe today and got all the mats out to see what we had. (We have lots!) Then she and Nancy and I matted some more paintings for the silents auction. Rendezvous Pointe is having a silent auction of our art work during the blood draw, September 10. I think.

My sister-in-law called me this afternoon. She had read that I had a flower pot blow off the shelf on my head. She was leaning over putting clothes in the washing machine and a wine bottle fell off the shelf onto her head. She had to go to the hospital. I think she said she had six stitches.

She always has to one-up me!!

Alice took Mom shopping for a new couch once. Mom was sitting on the couch to try it out, and a rolled up carpet fell on her head.
So I guess I better forget about the little silk plant that fell on me!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Now playing on iPod - Tom T. Hall, "Fastest Rabbit Dog in Clark County".

Seeing if the two halves of the plastic egg fits together.

Yeah! A mouse in an egg!

Kasey got a bunch of plastic eggs at Easter. All the candy is gone, and she loves to take them apart and put little things in them.


Yesterday afternoon the wind came up really hard and blew a plant off a shelf on the wall onto my head. It was a silk plant, so it didn't really hurt. Some of the leaves broke off and I found it was covered with dust, so I gave it a bath in the sink.

We had a power outage for three hours. Lightning somewhere, I guess. All in all, yesterday was a bust.


For all my friends who like to bake: How to Bake Cookies on your Dashboard.


Monday, August 16, 2010


Nothing new to take a picture of around here. So I'm posting an older one of a Columbine. Sure wish I could get these to grow at my house. Tracy has to pull hers out of her flower beds because they get too thick.

I asked Barrie to move her pickup this morning so I could go downtown. When I finally got home, I told her to never move her truck again to let me go downtown.

Twenty minute wait at the drive-up teller at the bank to cash a check. Jackie Crow had been there ten minutes before I got there, and she was still sitting there when I left.

The line at the post office was clear out the door.

The recycling center has not been cleaned up for days and days, it looked like. There's no place to put anything, so people are just leaving stuff on the floor, and boxes on the ground outside.

I didn't have to wait in line to fill my truck up with gas, but it cost me $70.

It's always a pleasure to shop at Specialty Meats (if you can park, that is.) I'm so glad they stock things like milk, eggs, cheese, and some vegetables. It always looks so nice in there.

Barrie has seen two big wrecks on Pine Steet the last two mornings.

So that was my time spent running errands, and I'm not doing it again!

Barrie was cleaning when I got home, and washing dining room windows. She is putting Kasey's high chair in the basement. Kasey loves to sit in the big chairs.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Now playing on XM Radio - "That's My Story and I'm Stickin' to it."

I finished "Travels with Charley." I was a little disappointed that he got tired of traveling. I could have read more.

I also read a book called "Ain't She Sweet." Yeah, it was just like it sounds. A mindless romance which I started and finished in one day. It was a break from reading Steinbeck.

Now I have a book with three adventure novels, "King Solomon's Mines," "Allan Qutermain," and "She." I have no idea what to expect from these.

I also have Larry McMurtry's "Streets of Laredo." It's the sequel to "Lonesome Dove."

I started a new watercolor painting yesterday, but haven't even touched it today.

Barrie has been getting up at 4:30 AM the last two mornings. She is starting her fall training on a four wheeler with her dogs.
She said this morning a pickup had crashed into the Wolf Dodge building (The Old ZZZ's Motel). She heard the wreck at 4:30, then drove by it a few minutes later. She says it's so dusty at her dog lot she hasn't been taking her camera, but wished she had it this morning for the wreck.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Barrie took Kasey to the dance at the County Fair, and she had teenagers admiring her moves. Another night of watching a video on the computer "I Feel Like a Monster", one of Kasey's favorites.


Yesterday I put on a sweater and closed all my windows. What a wimp I am! But it never got above 63 degrees in my house, and that's cold for August.


A friend of mine posted this on Facebook a long time ago.

"It takes 7 seconds for food to pass from mouth to stomach. A human hair can hold 3 kg. The length of the penis is three times the length of the thumb. The femur is as hard as concrete. A woman's heart beats faster than a man's. Women blink twice as much as men. We use 300 muscles just to keep our balance when we stand. The woman has read this entire text. The man is still looking at his thumb."

Happy Birthday, Judi!

Rendezvous Pointe is having a silent auction during the blood draw for the work of those of us who paint there every Wednesday. I've put off choosing what I want to put in it. I have three matted and framed paintings, but am not going to use them. I would have to put such a high price on them (to cover the matting and framing) that I'm sure no one would bid on them.

These are the three I decided on.

Our art group went to lunch at the Pub yesterday. What fun! Conley and Buzz even joined us. Nancy Stott was there too. Good to see her.We wanted to see the mural Ruth R. and Kay M painting on the bar there. It's really nice.

Lenore followed me home to get a little water color book I had promised to take to her and forgot. She was very impressed with my yard. I get no credit for that. Barrie has made it beautiful this year!


For those of you who are bored today - here is a link to an article about "How to Tie a Knot in a Cherry Stem with your Tongue."


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fresh Paint

I got all the old crusty paint out of my palette and new fresh paint in it. I tried to put less paint in each well, as I waste so much when I have to clean it up.

No movie from my attempt to record a movie yesterday. I got the sound, but no picture recorded. So somewhere the video cable is not plugged in correctly.

My TV is a 32 inch set - built like an elephant and just as heavy. All the hookups are in the back, and I can't get to them. It fits into my cabinet with 1/4 to spare on each side, so I can't turn it. But I must have turned it at some time, because the Dish receiver and the DVD player are hooked up.

Enjoyed the movie Thirteen Days. I had kind of forgotten what a scary time that was.

I'm about halfway through Steinbeck's Travels with Charley. What a great book!

I love this thought:

"Those states with the shortest histories and the least earth shaking events have the most historical markers."

Monday, August 9, 2010


If I actually accomplish recording a movie from my TV to a DVD, I will be dancing in the street. The manual is 85 pages long. It should be so simple to put a DVD in the drive, turn the TV on, and press "record" on the DVD player/recorder. HA!

I lived in Arizona during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and worked in the Political Science Department of the University of Arizona - so the situation was discussed constantly by that crowd. I actually don't even remember much about it now. The movie 13 Days is on, and I thought I would watch it. I think it's a petty accurate portrayal of that event.

So, because I like to torture myself, I decided to record it. Stay tuned.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kasey at the Fair

Barrie and Kasey attended the County Fair Saturday and Sunday. I guess Kasey's favorite thing was the pigs, but Barrie took pictures of her today in the building with the chickens and rabbits.

Talking to the roosters. Barrie said she was a little bit intimidated when they crowed at her.

Kasey petting Heather's rabbit. Haven't seen Heather since she was a preschooler!

She liked this chicken.

This is one of the tigers. It's a white Bengal.

Kasey has her own white Bengal tiger now.
She was an excited little girl, and told me all about the tigers, she crowed for me, she told me about the horses with their tongues out, and she had balloons.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Judi's tractor

This is the tractor in Bondurant that Judi photographed the other day. Barrie and I were coming back from Jackson, and she pulled off the highway right next to it so I could get some pictures. The seat is mounted backwards, and some kind of equipment is on the back. Post hole digger, maybe?
There's another old tractor down at B&B with the seat on backwards and some kind of equipment on the back. Hmmm?