Thursday, May 30, 2013


Wow!  That is some bubble maker!  Kasey took it outside later in the wind, and there were bubbles flying through the air.


Someone is coming today to look at the art supplies I am selling.  I hope she can't resist any of it.  Now I have to attempt to get my sewing machine out from behind other stuff so I can photograph it and the sewing cart.  And the scanner, - - - and two printers.

Someone is having a show at a gallery in New Jersey, and this is one of the paintings he is hanging.  It is 18" x 24" in acrylic.  Know who it is?
Yes, it is a grown-up Calvin and Hobbes. Kind of reminds me of Tracy and Laura Bear (from yesterday's post).
I think Kat is mad at me for selling her cat tree.  She was sitting in the spot where it used to be, and attacking her tail and growling and hissing.  She also just noticed that one of the tables is missing. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


There were only four of us in art group today, but we enjoyed ourselves.  Vicky, as usual, baked delicious cookies.  I even accomplished something, and worked on the rock in my chipmunk drawing.
This is one thing Tracy has agreed to take home with her. This is "Laura Bear", named after a girl I had classes with at UW.  Tracy was only about two years old.  The bear was crocheted by her Grandmother, not one of her most attractive projects.  But Tracy loved it, and it went with us everywhere.  One time it was left in a café in Casper, and Tracy missed it about the time we got to Medicine Bow.  I stopped and called the café.  The waitress rescued Laura Bear, put her in a shoe box and mailed her to us in Laramie.  What a nice lady!
A lady and her son were  just here to get the cat tree, and someone else is coming at 4:30 to get the rope basket and yarn.  There are three painted ponies still here, but two people have said they wanted them. 

I think I will keep the one in the middle.  It is selling for $75.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I'm taking a rest from selling things today.  There is so much more stuff, but I don't even want to deal with it right now. 

I am selling Kat's tree.  It's been great for the cat, but it's not good for a small apartment.  Maybe Kat will miss it, but she'll just have to learn to live without it.  Maybe I'll find something for her to sharpen her claws on.  I probably should have had her claws removed a long time ago, as she refuses to venture outdoors.

Cloudy and a little rain today.  More like a mist.

Monday, May 27, 2013


Whew!  Spent a couple hours yesterday at the apartment, trying to put away all the things Barrie took up there.  I know I am taking way too much stuff.  The living room looks so much smaller with the couch in it.  It's a great couch, though.

I didn't take my camera with me so I didn't take any pictures.

This place  has been a madhouse today with people coming and picking up things they bought from my listings on Sublette for Sale.  Most of the Painted Ponies are gone, and some art supplies.  The antique mantle clock is gone. One lady went through my pile of stuff for the Food Basket and took several things.  That's a few things Barrie won't have to pack to the Food Basket.

Rollie and Judi were here and took one folding table. 


This quilt is  a kit I bought several years ago, and never got finished.  My friend Toni thinks her daughter-in-law might take it. Hope so, and also the quilting material I still have.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Barrie took everything I had ready to the new apartment yesterday.  It was a big load.  I not only had a pile upstairs, but I had quite a bit more downstairs.  I don't think there's an end to it.  She said my couch has been delivered.

I have listed a few things on Facebook "Sublette for Sale", with good results.  People have made a commitment to buy the antique mantle clock and the chainsaw bear.  A young couple came to take the antique rocking chair, and while they were here, they decided they wanted the old churn, a copper bucket, and a small table.  He admired a photo I had taken of the corrals and loading chute up by Cora, so I gave it to him.   I owed him that -- Barrie's Blue Heeler nailed him as he was walking up to the door.

My sister-in-law and I have been on the phone together a lot lately.  They are moving also.  She called and asked me if I wanted an oil painting I did for them of a sheep wagon.  I gave her an emphatic "No", and she will sell it at their auction.

I have talked her into taking Grandma's old treadle sewing machine, her bronze papoose, and the old hand pump that was on my parent's farm.  But I have refused to take anything she thought I might want. 

Friday, May 24, 2013


I was working on the computer slogging through my list of places I needed to send an address change, and not enjoying it very much.  Then I was interrupted by the arrival of the guy who trims my bushes for me, so of course I had to give him my attention.

All in all, he does a pretty good job on the bushes, although he seems a little distractible. His antlers have really grown since the last time he was here.  He's not very well groomed right now, kind of shaggy.  Oh well, that will change.
My sister-in-law called this morning, and said her daughter, Sheri, will take my grandmother's old treadle Singer sewing machine.  I'm so glad it will still be in the family.  Just seems right.
Bob-tailed cat Chloe came around to be fed this morning.  I hope she will be okay after I leave.  I know she has another home somewhere, because she might be gone for a couple of months at a time, and is still fat and well fed.
Barrie hopes to have the house empty, clean, and  ready to put on the market by August.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Adding a little more to the pile of things to be moved every day.  Someone once wrote, I think it was Steinbeck, "Why does construction look so much like destruction?"

And the downstairs doesn't look any better.  I can't believe I bought all those books!!

Tracy's cousin, Curt LeClair died in Fremont County last week.  His pickup was found at Diversion Dam.  They had search parties out for five or six days, and he was found in the Wyoming Canal.  An autopsy is being performed.  I don't really know Curt any more, haven't been around him for years, but spent plenty of time with  him in the past.  After all, he was my nephew.
Another photo of Kat.  A pose that is just begging to be drawn on a piece of paper!

This photo is for my daughter, Tracy.  She is the one in charge of backing the boat trailer down the ramp into the water.  I know she's never done this!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I had an eye appointment this morning, and was not at all surprised at what I was told.  I haven't worn my glasses at home for quite a while, and always take them off when I'm on the computer, reading, or doing art work. 

I was told about nine years ago that I had the beginning of cataracts, and again four years ago, but now it's about time to have them taken care of.  No hurry about it, but it just needs to be done.

I do a slow burn every time I try to communicate with Century Tel.  I simply wanted to know if I could take my phone and wireless router to Heritage Apartments and just plug them in.  They sent me a phone number to call - one of those numbers where they have you press 1 for English and it goes on from there.  Finally got to talk to a guy (and he didn't have an accent) and told him I was moving to a new location asked him what I needed to do.  First he had to spend about 20 minutes verifying the new address to see if they serviced that area.  Duh, of course they do.  He finally ended by telling me there would be a charge, and I was so tired of messing with it that I just accepted that.  I still bet I could have simply taken my phone and router up there, plugged them in, and they would work.  Then later, I could send a change in address.
There is a good sized closet in the apartment, and beside it are wide, deep shelves and two drawers.
I gave Kasey the buckskin dress Tracy used to wear for Rendezvous.  It's a little large for her, but she was happy with it.

Monday, May 20, 2013


Kasey's dance recital was Sat. night, and Barrie took lots of pictures.  The problem was that lighting was so bad for pictures, and she was too far away.

The "Hip Hop" dance

I think Kasey had the longest hair there!

Barrie bought her a rose and presented it to her after the performance.  She was one happy little girl!

Barrie took a load of mostly kitchen stuff to the apartment yesterday.  She put a few things away, but decided I should put things away so I would know where it was.  So I went this morning and finished unpacking the boxes.  There is SO MUCH storage space.
 There's furniture in the living room - two end tables and a folding chair!
The kitchen has corner revolving shelves that are perfect for appliances.  

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Books and art supplies are staring me in the face, and I wish I was Samantha the Witch, and just wiggle my nose and it would all be done. 

This is KC's "hip hop" dance costume.  Hmmmm. 

I know Barrie plans on moving some things into the apartment today.  I have quite a few things piled up ready to go, but it's doesn't seem like I've even made a small dent in it.

Friday, May 17, 2013


It has started.  This is what my kitchen looks like now.  I went through drawers and cupboards and made a pile of what I want to take to the apartment.  There will be more - like pots and pans, and some bake ware.  But it's a start.

Barrie has decided to sell my Kitchen Aid mixer on Sublette for Sale. So I found all the attachments for it this morning, she cleaned it all up, and here it is. 

And here is my miserable start upstairs.  I have books I will take, books I will sell, and books I will take to Rendezvous Pointe.  Decisions, decisions, decisions! 

I also have oil paints, brushes, and easels.  I have pastels, oil pastels, colored pencils, and watercolors.  Got to get rid of some things. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Black skies this morning, and a good rain, but the sun is shining again now.

Barrie looked at apartments at Sublette Center yesterday and brought me the information on them.  I drove over and looked this morning, and I liked the same one she did.  So - - - the deed is done.  I signed the lease on it and will move in June 1, although they said I can start moving things in any time.  I am planning on doing my own cooking and laundry, at least to start with.  There are laundry facilities just a few doors down the hall. 

They haven't started construction on the new apartments yet, but when they are finished, I will be moved into one for the same rent, and they will move me.

Then, just because I was on a roll, I went to Rocky Mountain Home Center and bought a new sleeper couch. 

The kitchen is larger than what I have now and has plenty of cupboard space.  The table will have to go in there, and the kitchen is open to the living room.  I didn't take pictures of the living room or bedroom, as they are just empty space.
Nice bathroom.
Barrie has it all planned out step by step how we are going to accomplish this.  I like how most of the actual work involves her, and I get to make lists and plan!
It was so nice to have Judi back from Mesquite yesterday.   The art room never felt right without her.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


It seems to have magically happened just overnight.  There are tiny new leaves on the trees and willows, the day lilies and rhubarb in the back yard are up, and the lawn is almost green!

The stems and leaves on the Jonquils Tracy sent me greened up as soon as I got them out of the box, and they are beginning to bloom.  So pretty!

My girls and I have been talking, and I think it's time to give up this house and move into the retirement center.  The stairs here are a hassle for me, and I don't need that. Barrie is thinking she would like to move back to Montana, and I think she should.  She really likes it there, and I fell in love with the place too when we took a couple  of road trips up there.
Barrie and I have been working on the house getting rid of things more or less all winter, but it is overwhelming to even think about moving.  Why do I have all this stuff?
Tracy would like me to consider moving into a retirement facility in Colorado nearer to her.  She sent me information on a couple, but they are so expensive!
I just talked to my brother.  He and Alice are doing the same thing, and plan to move into a house in a retirement community in Riverton.  I'm not sure, but I bet they have more "STUFF" than I do. 

Monday, May 13, 2013


I am making a mess, but it will be done, eventually.  Today I started on the computer room downstairs.  I have a two drawer file I have been sticking things in for years.  Yes, things like a 2005 power bill.  I actually almost emptied the top drawer, and one drawer on the desk.  Now there is a garbage bag there that is too heavy to pick up.

I found some interesting things in the file cabinet.  This is for my friend, Gina!

I had a booklet of the fairy tales and made copies of them on what looks like one of those old mimeograph machines with blue ink.

Lisa's has to be my favorite of them all, though.  She chose to end her story in an original way. Very down to earth.

I also found a list of warning labels that should be put on all beer containers:
The consumption of alcohol may make you think you are whispering when you are not.

The consumption of alcohol may cause you to think you can sing.

The consumption of alcohol may lead you to believe that ex-lovers are dying for you to telephone them at four in the morning.

The consumption of alcohol is the leading cause of inexplicable rug burns on your forehead.

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Beautiful sunny day, but it's windy.  So what else is new?

Mother's Day!  Tracy called, and Barrie is fixing a ham dinner.
On Mother's day, I can't help but think back to when my girls were little.  I have more pictures of Barrie, because I had good cameras.  When Tracy was little, I think I used a little Kodak Instamatic.
Here is Tracy on the front porch of the house we lived in on the ranch at Ragged Mountain, Colorado.

Barrie, riding home in the Jeep after a hard day of arrowhead hunting and photography.

Calvin's Dad attempts to instill some sportsmanship in Calvin.

Friday, May 10, 2013


I know we got a smattering of rain last night, because there was rain on the window pane of my bathroom.  It wasn't much, not even enough to leave any puddles on the ground.  Now that it's warmed up, you can almost hear the grass growing.  It's getting green here, fast!


This is what I got from Tracy yesterday for Mother's Day.  The shoots are already about four inches long, and they're pale yellow.  I'm sure they will green up fast.  I love things like this.  Thank you dear daughter Tracy.

Kasey worked on my computer last night to make her Mom a Mother's Day card.

She did all the typing herself, and spelled the words on her own too. When she typed the word "other", she asked me if she should use "r" or "er".  And after she typed her name, she said "Uh oh, I used all capital letters -- oh well, I like it that way."  So that's the way it is.


Poor Calvin.  But we all expected this, didn't we?

Thursday, May 9, 2013


A few clouds are moving in.  Maybe we'll get some rain this afternoon.

Black Birds are crowding the feeder.  Ever since watching the Stephen King movie "The Stand", I've not liked big black birds looking in my window at me.

I have a loaf of raisin bread in the oven and a load of clothes in the dryer.  Never mind that I'm still in my pajama tops and my bed's not made.'

Barrie did a super job cleaning and decluttering downstairs yesterday.  I 'll probably be in trouble for leaving some dirty dishes in the sink.  Or put anything where the pile for the Food Basket used to be.

 The book "Ashen Winter" ends with this:  "We would fight together to make a place in this disaster-hewn world - a place where  we could live in peace.

     Or die trying."

In case you didn't know about it, this is the second book in a series of three about how a small group of people in the Midwest attempt to survive after the volcano under Yellowstone blew.  Me, I'm glad I'm right here practically on top of it and will not have any struggles or hardships if it does blow!


Calvin's traffic poster is finished, and he shares it at school.  He seems a little overconfident to me.
 P.S.  Kat scored again, and another mouse bit the dust.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Beautiful day so far.  So spring-like!  No wind, and it is 60° at noon.


 This is what was hanging on the front porch when I got home today --  about thirty clean dog harnesses, fresh out of the washing machine.  They look so pretty!  The white strips are reflective tape, for running at night.

Lenore is back from her trip, and it was good to see her at art group today.  Sue, the cook at Rendezvous Pointe, felt sorry for us because Vicky wasn't here to feed us, and she baked some goodies.  And Beth made popcorn.  I came home full.
Dissent in the ranks of the poster contest crew. 
Kasey was playing outside yesterday afternoon.  She noticed me taking her picture from the window, so she grabbed Maddy and held her to make sure she got in the picture too.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I posted something about singing the national anthem a couple days ago, and Roger thought Rosanne was the woman who angered people with her rendition.  Well, she did, but that is her job, to be offensive.  The woman I was thinking about is  Christina Aguilera, who sang the national anthem at the 2011 Super Bowl  Following is just part of an editorial  about her performance:

So, with all the kindness I can muster, I give this one piece of advice to the next pop star who is asked to sing our national anthem at a sporting event: save the vocal gymnastics and the physical gyrations for your concerts. Just sing this song the way you were taught to sing it in kindergarten: straight up, no styling. Sing it with the constant awareness that there are soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines watching you from bases and outposts all over the world. Don't make them cringe with your self-centered ego gratification.
There is a YouTube video on the Internet if you have the urge to  hear her.  I didn't know it at the time, but it seems she flubbed the lyrics too.

National Anthem

Think about your friends.  This is pretty much true!
I spent about an hour yesterday on "chat" with Century Tel technical support, we were cut off before my problem with their stupid email was solved, and I'm wondering if I should try again today. 
Blackbirds and magpies are at the bird feeder.  Don't know why the magpie has suddenly discovered the feeder. 
 The safety poster contest continues.  My artist friends will appreciate this.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Great horse race yesterday.  I found that I ended up picking my favorite because of his owner.  The horse Normandy Invader is owned by Rick Porter, a history buff, who has a special interest in WWII.  He brought four WWII veterans who were involved in the Normandy Invasion  to the Kentucky Derby as his guests.  The old guys were having a great time and placing bets at the track.  He did place third, but it would have been so neat if he had won.

A bit of trivia from the race - something I've never given any thought to.  When they run a muddy track, like it was yesterday, the jockeys wear several pairs of goggles, rigged together some way so they can pull one down to hang around their neck, and have a clean pair.  I don't know how many goggles they go through, but I was able to find one photo that clearly showed a very muddy jockey with goggles hanging down around his neck. 

I don't remember the event - a Super Bowl game, maybe, and the woman who sang The Star Spangled Banner made such a fool of herself and did a terrible job with the song.  She got a lot of flack over it.  Yesterday, at Churchill Downs, Martina McBride did a beautiful job.  Thank you.

Another mouse decided to check our the house last night - and won't be able to tell his friends about it.
I love these birds!

And Calvin is still working on his safety poster.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday - Derby Day

I'm watching hockey on TV to be sure I don't miss any of the Kentucky Derby preliminaries.  I think I would really like hockey if I started to follow it and learned more about the game. 

I won't pick my Derby favorite until after I've watched the horses, watched the owner's interview, etc.  I'm not qualified, and I'm not wearing my fancy hat and I don't have a Mint Julep in my hand.  Can't help but root for the girl jockey, though.

When I opened my window to fill the bird feeder yesterday, a pair of doves flew up from the ground under the feeder.  I didn't even have any doves last year, and I hope this pair stays for the summer.  When I had doves before, I think they were Rock Doves.  This is definitely a Mourning Dove.  What a pretty bird!

And while I was photographing the dove, this is what was hiding out in the brush below the tree.  I got a very good look at this cat yesterday, and there is nothing wrong with his tail.  And he is shedding off nicely.  He/she is probably catching lots of mice around my house, but I sure don't want him bothering the birds. 

Friday, May 3, 2013


Blogger has to be the worst publishing program ever invented.  Yesterday it would not accept the ALT keyboard symbols, like degrees or cents.  Today it is working perfectly - -   ° ¢ 

Also, I had to open Firefox and use it to upload graphics.  Today I am able to do it through Internet Explorer.

Think about it.  Do you do this? 
Crossfire, the feed store that opened in front of my house not long ago has moved out.  They have moved to the other side of town, and are now on West Pine.  Didn't seem like they were here very long.  I wonder what will become of the building now?
I've finished the last few tins of spice from the cupboard - put some back, and threw some away.  Now I've started on the files from my little file cabinet.  I don't think I need to store old power bills, or manuals  for old appliances I no longer have.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fonts and Symbols

Some time ago, there was a discussion about how to make the degree symbol on a computer.  It is made by holding the ALT key down and typing 0176.  Try it, it works.    Today, someone posted a photo on Facebook showing all the symbols you can make on the keyboard with the ALT key.  The symbol for cents and the degree symbol would both be useful to remember, although Blogger gets flaky and often kicks you off the page. 

Yesterday Conley brought a poster that was lettered in beautiful calligraphy.  We decided it must have been done on a computer.  This morning, just for fun, I decided to check out my fonts folder and see just what kind of calligraphy fonts I had installed.  Here are some of them:

And I found this font on the list, called "Mini Pics Red Rock".  Not sure what I would ever use it for, but I love the little characters.  They are like little petroglyphs.

I have over 300 fonts installed on my computer, which is ridiculous.  I'm sure the majority of them could be deleted, but I'm not short of space on my hard drive, so I don't bother.  I'm not sure where they all came from.  I think everything that is installed on your computer comes with its own fonts, and just automatically get installed.