Wednesday, April 30, 2014


It 's so good to have Vicky back home from the Dominican Republic.  She has decided it is not a good idea to break your arm in a foreign country.  She had to have the arm reset and casted in Jackson after they got home.  Neither one of us got any real art work done today - we just visited and caught up.  And Vicky is limited in what she can do with her left hand.

I have parked my pickup in the parking lot in front of Sublette Center instead of on the street by my door.  There is a new crack in the windshield, and some marks on the hood.  They aren't scratches, just marks.  The windshield may have been hit by a rock a long time ago, and the crack just developed.  The hood looks like maybe something had been put on it and dragged off.  I'm sure it's not vandalism.  If someone wanted to do damage to it, they would have done more. 
I have the window open and am hearing birds singing.  I can almost hear the grass grow and the new leaves popping out on the trees!


Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I'm listening to Ian Tyson's song "The Gift".  It's a song about Charlie Russell, the artist from Montana.   It's just a stupendous song, and gives me chills when I listen to it.  Somewhere in the lyrics, he sings that God put Charlie in charge of painting the sunsets in Montana.

Here is the verse:

"God made Montana for the wild man,
For the Piegan and the Sioux and Crow,
Saved His greatest gift for Charlie,
Said, “Get her all down before she goes.
You gotta get her all down
‘cause she’s bound to go.”

Paul Simon has always been a favorite singer of mine.  Just read in the news that police were called to his home and issued a warrant to both him and his wife for a domestic dispute. 

 Grizzly 399 is out with two yearling cubs with her.  I think she is about 18 years old and usually produces triplets.  She has a Facebook page!  
I just read an interesting editorial in the Casper paper regarding Cliven Bundy. 
Editorial board: Dismiss Cliven Bundy for what he is --
a guy trying to dodge a bill
The article itself wasn't quite as strong as the title suggests, as the writer didn't support the government, either.  Nor the armed protesters who gathered in support of Bundy. 
Here is the link to the editorial, if you are interested.

Monday, April 28, 2014


Absolutely nothing happening today, except I am cooking some greasy fried potatoes and a pork chop with the bone left in, and the fat untrimmed!

I've decided I have to quit cooking for a while, and start eating what is in the containers in the freezing compartment.  I just have to be careful to not get Judi's moose turds!

The only photo I have today is one from the past.  Anyone remember this dead tree in front of the old abandoned motel in Daniel? Some creative person kept it painted purple.  I was using a slightly telephoto lens, which is why the mountains look so close. 

Daniel is full of photo opportunities, if you take the time to look.

I read a news article with the word "ruthless" in it.  An old limerick immediately popped in my mind.  This is one my father used.
"I took Ruth for a ride
on the seat beside of me.
Hit a bump at 65,
and drove  on ruthlessly."
Okay, I'll quit for the day.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


We had weather yesterday.  What kind of weather?  Well you name it, we got it.

Had a little sunshine in the morning, then the clouds rolled in and the wind blew.  We had thunder and lightening, and some rain.  Then the rain changed to hail.  Some of that lightening was really close!

After that moved through, it started to snow - big flakes the size of 50 cent pieces.

Today is mostly sunny, with a breeze.  And all the snow has melted.

My outdoor sensor for my indoor/outdoor thermometer said it was 6° yesterday.  I figured it was time for a new battery, but today it is sending  what looks like the right temperature.
My windshield has a crack in it, about 8 inches long, on the passenger side.  I know it happened while it was parked, so maybe I should move it to the parking lot in front of the building.

I found a couple of pictures on the Internet this morning that made me laugh.

Saturday, April 26, 2014


My Get Up and Go has Got up and left.  But in spite of it all, I smile, remembering all the places my getup has been.

I saw the above posted on the Internet today.  Love it! 

I was browsing through old pictures on my computer.  This is Black Jack's last ride.  I had an appointment later that day with the veterinarian to have him put down.  It was in April, 2007.  At least he enjoyed his last day.

Another picture from April.  This truck  was parked on the street in front of my house.  Yes, it's plastered with snow.   I call it  "ghost truck".
I'm sure glad I have leftovers in the frig, because I don't feel like cooking.   It's a rainy day, and I'm going to curl up with a good book.
*********** *****
Don't ask me how I  did it, but I fixed my TV. The remote quit working, I got a new one, and it still didn't work.  Yesterday I thought I would check one more time just to be sure I put the batteries in right, and it works!  I have turned the set on three or four times since, but the only thing I've watched is part of Judge Judy.
Ohhhh!  Thunder and lightening!

Friday, April 25, 2014


The political meeting yesterday afternoon was interesting.  First,  chairs were arranged in a semi-circle.  There were no tables, and the people there could not handle a small plate and a cup of lemonade.  Only three or so people had refreshments, and they put their plates on the seat of their walkers in front of them. 

Also, very few people are able to hear well enough to know what is going on.  Most of them were quiet, but some asked questions that had nothing to do with what was being talked about. Mike Kudor was very patient with them, and handled it well. 

I wish Cliven Bundy had just gone back to his ranch to take care of his cattle.  He has made remarks that are alienating  many, and he should just keep his mouth shut and stay away from the media. 
I have worked a little more on the barn wood in my painting.  I think it's time to work on the lantern.

Words to the Wise!

Thursday, April 24, 2014


It seems to be the trend (on Facebook) to post "Throwback Thursday" photos, meaning photos from the past.  So here are a couple photos I took in 2010 when Barrie, Kasey, and I made a road trip to Montana to the area where Barrie lived for several years.

 We were traveling on a dirt road, an old logging road.  Barrie was telling me she once went to see some people who lived on Boot Tree Road, but she never found them.  There are no signs on the roads.  KC said she needed to go to the bathroom, so we stopped under this big tree.  When Barrie stepped out, she said "Oh my gosh!  It's the boot tree!"  We were parked directly under it.  This is just east of Orvando, Montana. It is logging and ranching country.  The population of Orvando is less than 100.


Kat's toys, too. 

I've been trapped again.  My neighbor Nancy is the person who organizes the Thursday afternoon discussion group.  She has an appointment in Jackson, and won't be here.  However, she brought refreshments and asked me if I could take them down to the Heritage Room and serve them.  Of course I said I would.  The really, really bad part is, someone who is running for Town Council is to be there to speak.  You know how I love anything political.  Gag!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


There were three of us at art group today, Conley, Susan, and I.  I don't know where Susan has been.

Happy Birthday to William Shakespeare.  There is some speculation about his exact birthdate, but today might be it.  He would be 450 years old today.

I have several of his works on my Kindle and always intend  to "better myself" and read more of them.  Some of them were reading assignments in high school and college, and of course there is the recording of Any Griffith telling the story of Romeo and Juliet.  Anyone remember that?

After art group, I went to Ridley's and bought way too many groceries.  I still don't have them all hauled in and put away.  I also went to the liquor store and the recycling center. 

They are beginning to put the metal roof panels on the new apartments.  From the architect's drawings, it looked like the roof was going to be red, but I think it is dark brown.  Notice it was warm enough yesterday that the men were working in tee shirts.   
This was the last breath my waffle iron took.  Great recipe for hash browns cooked in a waffle iron.  I'll make it again some day.
Got trapped in the hallway when people were gathering for the monthly cocktail party.  Not too bad.  They took the girl singer's microphone away from her.  She doesn't need it, and no one could talk to each other when she was singing.  And Tom played the piano, which I like much better than the accordion.  

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


No matter what time I get up, it seems like when it is noon, I still haven't accomplished anything.

This morning, I have been shopping on-line, so I guess spending money should be considered an accomplishment.

Happy Earth Day, everyone.  I guess I'll make a trip to the Recycling Center today.
Have my supper in the crock pot - chicken with stuff, onions, tomatoes, peppers, celery, etc.  I think boneless skinless chicken breasts are like eating cardboard, and it takes a lot of spices and sauces and things to make it edible.  I remember good old fried chicken, bones in and skin left on, coated in flour, and fried in fat, which spattered all over the stove.
The waffle iron I bought last month cratered yesterday.  Just up and died.  I only paid $13 for it, so it's not really worth the hassle of returning it.  When I checked on the Internet, I found it had lots of bad reviews from other people who bought it.   I almost always check the reviews on items I buy. 
The painting of barn wood and lantern is progressing.  The barn wood is finished except for a few minor touchups.  Now on to the lantern.

Monday, April 21, 2014


Things I have learned today:
  • Don't make coffee in the dark.  The coffee grounds tend to run amuck if you put them in the basket without the filter.
  • Some things should have been cleaned out of the refrigerator last week.
  • The cat will eat yarn.
And the day has just begun.  I will probably learn a lot more things before it is over.

I have been watching Tracy's posts on Facebook. There is a "For Sale" group for her location, and she has been selling things prior to moving, just like I did when I moved out of my house.  A lot of the things look familiar, either gifts, or things I have handed down to them through the years.  If things go as planned, they will have sold this house in Silverthorne and moved into the new one in Gypsum next month.   

My mother had this hanging quilt rack made for me years ago, but I only had one wall in my entire house where it would fit.  I used it for a long time, but really wanted to be able to display something on the wall.  So Tracy has had it for about ten years now, and is selling it.
This old Singer sewing machine has made hundreds of shirts, dresses, pants, dog booties, and quilts!  Tracy took it when I bought a new machine.  I'm sure the sewing table came from the old Home Ec room at Pinedale High School.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


The nurse who stays in the apartment across the hall from me on weekends was putting plastic eggs all over the lawn outside my window this morning.  His wife, dog, and two little girls are here with him this weekend.  It was fun watching the girls find the eggs.  The older one is four, I think, and the younger one is two.  The little one didn't have a clue what she was doing, but tried to follow her sister around.  The older girl impressed me.  She kept putting eggs in her little sister's bag.

Dotty and Spur were with Barrie on her walk yesterday.

 Kasey says chocolate chip cookies are her favorite.

This sock is almost to the point where I need to start the heel.  I don't like the way the striping is working out.  It has too much black.  It is self-striping yarn, which is fun to knit.

My neighbor, Nancy, knocked on my door this afternoon.  She wants to know who the man is in the painting I have in the hallway.  At one time, I thought I knew who he was, but a relative told me it wasn't.  So I have no idea.  I painted it from a picture I took at the Winter Carnival years ago.  She wants me to put it in the newspaper to see if anyone can identify him.  

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Barrie and KC have good noses.  I baked chocolate chip cookies yesterday, and sure enough, they showed up not long afterwards!  They took a bag home.  Kasey was on  her bike, and Barrie was walking two dogs.

I think my mixer became possessed yesterday.  I couldn't get it unplugged, no matter how hard I pulled.  I finally braced myself and got it, but I was half way expecting to see a ball of flame or something.  I tried plugging and unplugging my toaster from that outlet, with no problems.  I half way attempted to try the mixer again, but it resisted sliding in, and I quit.

That mixer must be close to 20 years old.  I bought it for $10 when I was teaching, and used it at school.   I brought it home when I retired.  So I guess I got my money's worth out of it, and will start shopping for a new one.

This ball of snow is certainly suffering a long, lingering death.  It gets a little smaller each day.

There is so much crap in the news it's usually depressing to read.  But I read this morning about an elderly couple who had been married for 70 years, and they died within 15 hours of each other.  They had eight children, who were interviewed for the story.  For once, a feel-good news story.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


It's hard to believe how stormy the weather has been the last two days.  The sun is shining today, the new snow has melted, and it is 56°

Xiau Ling won the show-down with the cat this morning, and the apartment is nice and clean.  Xiau Ling calls Kat "beautiful" when she is behind the couch, but I can't understand what she calls her when she is lying in wait under the bed.  Maybe I don't want to know.
I have done some work on the watercolor painting of old wood and a lantern.  It is starting to look like old weathered wood.  And I couldn't stand not having something in progress with colored pencil.  So I have started a picture of a deer.
 Nothing new here, so I thought I would post this photo from the past. KC gave the Easter Bunny a big hug while at the Easter Egg hunt at the park.  Yes, a snowy day at the end of April.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


A rip snortin' blizzard blew through about 8:00 last night.  It didn't last long, but managed to plaster everything with snow, and the temperature dropped.

This would be easy to sweep off, but it is ice.  I decided not to tackle it, and will miss art group today.  Yes, I know I'm lazy and shiftless, but it will be melted in a couple days. 

I know my snow bird friends are glad they're not here, but you just can't beat the view out my window this morning. The sun is shining, and everything is sparkling.

I missed the eclipse of the moon, but here is a photo I took of the eclipse in 2007.  That was in the middle of my "serious photography" phase.
I am "analyzing" the color pencil drawing I did of Kasey.  I am drawing grid lines on a print of the drawing and of the original photo, trying to figure out the placement of her features.  Somehow, I've got it wrong.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Router

I wasn't sure I would even be able to get on the Internet today.  My computer has been balky, cantankerous, and uncooperative the last few days.  CenturyLink's little robotic voice said no issues were detected in their network.  "This Page Cannot be Displayed" was the message I was getting for almost everything.  And I got an error message when I tried to retrieve my e-mail.  Finally I noticed one of the lights was off on the router.  I reset the router, but that didn't seem to work. 

I decided it wasn't this computer because the new laptop and the iPad were the same. After the computer had been on about half an hour this morning, all of a sudden, my mail appeared, and the Internet is working beautifully again.

 My solution?  Buy a new router before the old one gives up completely.  It's old.  At least I hope that's the problem, because that would be an easy fix.

This is why I would avoid the Interstate, especially in the winter.  The west bound lane was closed for 18 hours yesterday down near Elk Mountain.  Forty-seven vehicles were involved in this crash, and driving too fast for conditions was the cause. 
Regarding the picture of the bluebird in the snow I posted two days ago.  I have recently discovered that his name is Brodie Barfs, and he is the guy who sings the country-western song "Send me Down to Tucson".  Mel Tillis claims to be the singer, but it is actually Brodie.
(Thanks to my friend Charm for putting the Tucson idea in my head.) 

Monday, April 14, 2014


"I'm melting! melting! Oh, what a world! What a world!"
This is what the Wicked Witch of the West said when Dorothy threw water on her.   This snow ball is all that's left of the 8-9 ft. pile of snow plowed up on the street outside my window.
I'm doing laundry this afternoon.  I suppose it's too much to hope I got all the Kleenex out of my pockets before throwing the clothes in the machine.  I spend all week picking up little pieces of well-washed Kleenex off the carpet.
Just saw a photo on Facebook that disgusted me.  It showed a line of about a dozen cowboys lined up horseback, holding their hats over their hearts.  They were supposed to be Bundy's cowboys.  It was so obviously staged.  There is a large family of Bundy's, and the guy runs about 800 cows.  There's no way he had a dozen hands lined up in prayer.  The media just makes things worse!

Sunday, April 13, 2014


April showers, Pinedale style.
Oh, yes, we will have flowers - some day.  Maybe June? About half an hour after I took that picture, the robin flew into my window.  I think he can't deal with the snow!  He is okay, back up in the tree and looking a little woozy.
I don't know how it will taste, but I browned a little hamburger for my pizza today because I didn't have sausage.  I do have pepperoni, though.  That should save it.
After ripping out the cuff of the sock I started, I made a fresh start and now have it going great.
I was relieved to hear the BLM has pulled back in the Nevada range war, and have released the rancher's cows.  There were too many armed civilians involved, and at least someone in the BLM had enough sense to know things were going to get violent.  But I'm sure that's not the end of it.  The government won't give up that easily.
I did not take this picture, but wish I could claim it.  This is the photo that got me in trouble with Blogger in the past.  There were words telling what the bluebird was thinking, and someone thought it was offensive.  So you will just have to use your imagination for what he is thinking.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


The weather forecast is for 60% chance of snow tomorrow.  I don't mind spring snows.  We know it will melt quickly, and it probably won't be very cold. 


The situation in Nevada involving a rancher and the Government is downright scary.  Too many crazies are beginning to gather.

If I worked for the BLM, I think I would be looking for a new job!  Working for the government doesn't sound too appealing right now.  Are they armed with rubber bullets?  like the Forest Service "Swat Team" who went in the camp of the Rainbows when they were here.

On the other hand, Bundy sounds like a bit of an outlaw.


Someone needs to kick me!  I love this self-striping sock yarn.  I have made several pairs of socks with it.  I just recently ordered some yarn to make another pair.  Of course I gave away all the dp needles I had, so had to buy new ones. 

Poor people in Jackson who had to evacuate their homes and businesses because  a hill is coming down.  And if it rains and snows more this weekend, the soil will be even more unstable.

I wonder if this is from a test my friend Rollie gave to his students.  I hope this kid got an A. There's no way you can say his answer is wrong.

A little color in my life!  My Christmas cactus has seven blooms on one side.  I think they are all on the same branch. 

Friday, April 11, 2014


This photo is for Judi.  It is what is left of the snow bank on the north side.  It won't be long now until you can get in your house.  And notice the green grass!

Feeling organized and tranquil.  Apartment is clean, laundry caught up, dishes done, got the miles done on the bike, and nothing I feel pressured to do.  I don't EVER remember having this feeling at the house.  Something always needed doing, or fixing, or cleaning.
Does anyone remember Little Bunny Foo Foo?  I used to sing this song with my kindergartners:
     Little Bunny Foo Foo
     Hopping through the forest
     Scooping up the field mice
     and bopping them on their heads.
Kasey sang this song too, but some do-gooder had changed the words to "kissing them on the head."  I guess bopping them was too violent.  But if I remember rightly, a fair came down and changed Bunny into a frog has punishment for bopping the field mice.
I'm on a roll with the knitting.  After backing up a few rows (unknitting), I am finally able to count 10-2-10-2, etc. and the sweater is slowly growing.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


I have just locked myself in my apartment with my paints, knitting, and a book.  I didn't mean to get herded to the dining room yesterday for a party, but my door was open and Jo Anne got me.

It wasn't so bad.  Doc and George played the accordion and guitar, and Sue B. sang.  I did enjoy watching the people from the nursing wing.  Many of them clapped their hands and sang along.

This morning I took my Kindle reader down to the big room at the end of the hallway to read while Xiau Ling cleaned, and got waylaid by two residents and had to visit for a while.

Today there is a welcome party for two new residents, and also the discussion group my neighbor has.  I've had enough socializing for one day, thank you very much. 

I got on TurboTax page today on the computer, used their free software, did my income tax, filed electronically and paid with my credit card.  Couldn't be simpler.  So why did I wait until the last minute?
When I look at the flower beds under my windows, I see the lilies coming up, the white daisies, lupine, wild strawberries, and other unknowns. The snow is now entirely off the roof across the lawn, although there is still snow piled along the north side of the building.  And snow is forecast for Sunday.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Feeling sad for the Rockies after their loss yesterday.  The Sox had six homers!!

Conley and I were the only people at art group today.  It's time for the snow birds to return.
Vicky will be home this week, but not on a happy note.  She fell on the path on her way to the beach and broke her wrist.  She is thinking about painting with her toes.
This has to be the most positive sign of spring I've seen yet.  There's just something about a man leaning on a shovel watching the water run down the street.
I worked on a pen and ink stipple drawing of a big horn today.  I actually made some progress, but I should be working on the four unfinished watercolors sitting on the art table.

With these warm sunny days, and those to come we should be thinking about protecting ourselves from the harmful rays of the sun!

Monday, April 7, 2014


One step forward and two steps back.  That is how I am describing my knitting so far.  I got off on the pattern (can't count to ten) and I had forgotten that Kat likes to help me knit.

I just looked at my Netflix recommendations, and discovered a lot of cartoons and Barbie movies.  KC has left her mark.

Monday, April 7

The King still reigns!  George Strait won "Entertainer of the Year" again at the Country Music Awards last night. 

I never cease to be amazed at how the entertainers dress for this big event.  Almost all the women are decked out in their best.  Some of the men, however, seem to  have a statement to make.  Like holey jeans and a baseball cap worn backwards. 

Check this out!  Seems summer really is coming!  The snow on the roof is almost gone, and the snow on the ground slowly disappearing.
I'll feature Tracy in today's blog.  These pictures might have been taken in April of some year in the past (way past). It was the spring the first year we moved back from the ranch in Colorado.
We went to a Pow Wow at Ethete.  Tracy did not appreciate us handing her to Father Zumach to have her picture taken.

This was taken the next day at the Catholic Church in Fort Washakie.  Father Zumach again, without the buckskins and feathers.  Take a look at that skinny chick wearing high heels and a piece of lace on her head!  And where did I find that white bonnet for Tracy?  She was baptized that day.  Her dad is in the back on the left.  The other two people are Tracy's Godparents, and I have no idea what their names were!  I'm sure I knew their names at the time.
I'm trying to decide whether to get my income tax done today, or put it off another day.  I bet you can guess the outcome!

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Just had lasagna, a lettuce salad, and garlic bread for lunch.  The only thing I am interested in right now is a nap on the couch!
Although they weren't as flamboyant about it, the Rockies beat Arizona again last night.  Blackmon got three hits, and is now batting .600.  Wow!  The problem is, he has no place to go but down.  I'm being a pessimist. Michael Cuddyer and Nolan Arenado were not too shabby, either. 
I see on the Bondurant Web Cam that they still have three feet of snow on the ground.  I also found that the WyODOT has totally changed the look of their Web Cam page for roads around the state. 
I have such a weird Christmas Cactus.  It has six flower buds on it.  It hasn't bloomed at Christmas for years.  But it just keeps growing.