Wednesday, December 31, 2008


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I'm not sure if I have posted this painting before. Since I finished it, I darkened the background behind quakies a bit.

Although I vowed not to buy any "modern plastic toys" for Kasey, I couldn't resist this one. It is a John Deere phone, and a set of keys. It makes noise, plays "Old MacDonald", and you can record messages on it. The keys make the sound of an engine starting. Well, after all, it is John Deere!


Tracy and Paul arrived home safely. She called and said the roads were very good all the way.

When I got hungry last evening, I ate the leftover biscuits and gravy. Real comfort food! Then I went to sleep in my chair about 8:00. I got up and went to bed, thinking I would probably be up again. But I didn't get up until 10:00 this morning!!

I did have a busy night - I got out my oil paints and painted all night. Imagine my disappointment when I woke up this morning to find that I had just been dreaming!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Tracy and Paul startef for Colorado this morning, so the house is very quiet. I hope they have good roads.

They went sledding on the hill down the street from my house yesterday with Leslie and Russell and their little girl. Then they went to Natalie and Wards for dinner last night. They usually aren't here long enough to have time to visit friends, and it was nice they were able to this time.

Tracy made roast beef sanwiches to take with them. That wonderful roast I bought at Obos has fed five people for five days!

One of the nicest presents I received was a big book of Ansel Adams photography. I admire his work so much. Once in a while I try to imitate him using a digital color photo, and working on it in Photoshop. I was kind of happy with the results on the following three photos, but they certainly don't compare to Ansel Adam's work.

Here are a couple of things you really SHOULD know!

On this day in 1953, the first color TV sets went on sale for about $1,175.

On the "WickiHow" website, you can find out how to clean a toilet stool with Coke.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Quiet Day

No pictures today.

Kasey spends Sundays with her dad, and I think Barrie is probably running her dogs. Paul and Tracy have gone snow machining with Melita's daughter, Leslie, and her husband, Russel. And I am enjoying some quiet time alone today. I haven't found anything good on TV, but am working on a pencil drawing of a wolf which is holding my interest. The wolf is peering out from some snow covered branches.

The cat is also acting very relaxed after all the excitement.

I am having symptons of a cold again - an earache, little bit of a sore throat, runny nose, and a cough.

There was to be a 2 hour power outage this afternoon, but now they have postponed it until after the first of the year.

All the snow we got for Christmas is beautiful. Of course, I don't have to get out in it. To those who have to travel or get out and work in it, it's probably not so beaautiful. I haven't even taken my pickup out of the garage since it snowed. Barrie and Paul have both driven in and out, so it is tracked up somewhat. It's no longer a drive-through driveway, as the other end is drifted in.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cold Saturday

We are having such a lazy day today. Paul got up and went skiing in Jackson with Natalie and Ward, so Barrie, Kasey, Tracy and I are just hanging out and staying warm. My thermometer said it got down to 20 below zero last night.

Barrie had to snow machine out to her dog lot to feed yesterday. The road out there was pretty bad, and when she got there, some of the dog houses were covered with snow, and some of the dog dishes had blown away. She said she only got stuck once.

Tracy and cat working on the computer

Another picture of Kasey in her unicorn costume.


Friday, December 26, 2008

December 26

Tracy and Paul arrived Wednesday night about 7:00, and had no problems with roads. Barrie and Kasey were here, and we had chile for supper. We decided to wait until Christmas morning to open packages. There were so many I thought it would take us all day. We started out making Kasey be the "delivery person", and she worked so hard. We finally gave her a break and stopped to open some presents.

So many wonderful presents!! I lost track of everything. And of course Kasey was the center of attention while Barrie helped her tear the paper off her presents to see what she had.

Barrie helping Kasey open a present

Tracy trying on new slippers

Paul reading to Kasey

Unicorn tail

When Kasey took her nap Christmas afternoon, she could reach the handles of the dresser next to her bed. When Barrie went in to get her up, she had taken the unicorn costume out of the drawer and was trying to put it on. So Barrie helped her, and she wore it for a while. She loved it! Tracy had found this on EBay and ordered it last fall. It was way too big for Kasey then.
We had the tenderloin roast for Christmas dinner, and it was delicious. I totally forgot the rolls, and didn't bake a pie, but we didn't miss them.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Day

Breakfast at Grandmas

Ate the banana. My plate's empty!

Ahh, toast is good!


Barrie is working this morning and didn't have daycare, so I have her. She came for breakfast, and I wasn't sure I was going to get her filled up!

Both Lynn and Gina offered me some gift wrap after I complained yesterday that Ridley's was out of it. But you know what? Having a few cardboard boxes under the tree really isn't that big a deal. Thanks so much for the offer, friends!

I am supposed to be busy putting sheets on beds, cleaning bathrooms, etc. But I seem to be stuck in a slow gear.

I am a little concerned about Paul and Tracy driving from Colorado tonight. She didn't know when they would be able to leave, and of course the roads will be bad. They drive a big four wheel drive pickup, so that is good.

I don't know if any of you remember last year, but I was on my way to Colorado to spend Christmas with them. But after I had to be pulled out of the ditch between Creston Junction and Baggs, I came back home. The roads were only going to be worse in Colorado, and I would have had to go over Rabbit Ears Pass. I have been over that pass in the winter with snowy roads before, but I'd just as soon not.


Lynn mentioned that she always thought hand held showers symbolized an invalid. When my nephew and neice were here for Thanksgiving, Braxton, their five year old, saw my upstairs bathroom with the shower stall with a hand held shower head, and he told his mom to come see "this totally awesome bathroom". So think positive, Lynn! Five year olds think they are awesome!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


No pictures today - I spent the day trying to get caught up on things and ready for Christms.

I went to the post office. I think all my packages have arrived. Went to the bank and got some cash for a gift.

Then I went to new Specialty Meats at Obos. What a wonderful place! Several of the old Falers crew were there - Bruce, Barbara, Debbie, Lana, and probably more. And everyone shopping there were locals. I hadn't expected them to have fresh produce and cheeses, but they have a nice selection, and I bought some. I got a beautiful tenderloin roast, which Bruce cut and tied for me, and told me how to cook it. Of course it was busy just before Christmas, but I am sure it will remain very popular. Their prices are very competitive with Ridleys, and their selections of meat are so much better than we are used to in Pinedale.

After that, I went to Ridleys for the other things I needed. Incidentally, when I walked past the meat area, a heated argument was going on behind the counter.

Ridleys doesn't even carry "goldfish crackers", I found out after a long search and finally asking for help. I thought every store in the world sold goldfish crackers! I couldn't find the prepared pie dough, except for the ones already in an aluminum pan, which were all broken up into pieces. I couldn't find the black cherries for the salad/dessert my brother made for Thanksgiving dinner. Is that a specialty item, I wonder?

The real clincher was when I found out they were all out of Christmas wrapping paper. Not even a roll left! So it looks like I am going to have some brown cardboard boxes under the tree.

Actually, Ridley's had a lot of empty shelves, and of course a bunch of empty cardboard boxes and clutter in the isles.

After I watch Judge Judy, I will finish putting away the groceries I bought. I got them as far as the basement, and decided to take a break.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Snowy today

What a beautiful day! Not much wind, and it snowed most of the day. We didn' t really get a lot of snow, but enough to make everything white and pretty.

Click on image for a larger view.
I found this picture of my house I took in the spring a couple of years ago from the highway. This was before all the new buildings were put in down below. All those big trees make my house look small. People have a hard time finding my house. Too many new buildings in front of it, and it is really in a jungle. I hope none of those big trees ever fall over on my house.


Barrie was here yesterday afternoon, and I hadn't spent any time upstairs, and had never turned the heat on up there. After she went home, I decided it was so warm and cozy downstairs that I slept on the couch. I slept on the couch when I had company at Thanksgiving, and had forgotten how comfortable it was.

I decided I needed to knit Kasey some socks, so started on a pair last night. It's been a while since I did any knitting. I have no idea if she will even like them or wear them. I remember Cristy saying her kids didn't appreciate her knitting. Maybe Kasey is still young enough that she won't complain that they itch or something.

I meant to go to the post office, bank, and grocery store today, but procrastinated another day. It was so nice to just sit and knit and watch it snow. No excuses tomorrow - I HAVE to go!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

So Cold!!

I haven't checked to see how cold it actually was last night, but it was 18 below zero when I went to bed last night. We keep getting forecasts for snow, but it won't snow when it is that cold.

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Kasey woke up from her nap yesterday with cold feet. Barrie had received a pair of really neat socks for Christmas, and put them on her to warm her up faster.

We finally had to take this little crocheted ornament away from Kasey. She was starting to eat it! I am pretty sure it had been starched with sugar water, and tasted pretty good. She yells "Don't" at the cat all the time. Kat steals her little ornaments and plays with them. I found them all over the house.


Gina mentioned how their cat destroys the tree every day. Kat is not too bad, and I think it is partly from inexperience. Having the little pile of ornaments on the table next to the tree probably distracts her. But the best cat "weapon" is a can of air, like what we clean our computer keyboards with. She is scared of the sound it makes, and immediately quits what she is doing. I don't even have to be close to her. As soon as she sees me pick up the can, she is gone.

I haven't knit for a long time. Yesterday I thought I would try knitting a pair of socks in a Kasey size. I just barely got started, put the sock and yarn on the table by my chair, and went to get a kleenex. That's all the time Kat needed to get it, run off with the ball of yarn, and unravel the small amount of stitches I had done.

I know some of you have used a computer technician in Pinedale, but I can't remember who it was. I want to call someone tomorrow and at least get started on fixing the desktop computer. You can e-mail me information about who you used, if you could. Thanks.


Later . . . . I tried once more to get the desktop computer back in order. I had intended to start it in safe mode, but it started regularly and the keyboard and mouse are working perfectly. Weird!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Countdown to Christmas

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Kasey liked the tree, and has a pile of little ornaments on the table beside her she is putting on the tree. Of course she puts them all in the same spot, and they don't stay very well.

Here ae two of the ornaments Judi made for me years ago. I know there is at least one more, but I have one box I haven't looked into yet.


Yesterday I think there were nasty little gremlins in my house. Or maybe the "little people" came down from the mountains. The mouse and keyboard have both quit working on my desktop computer. When I turned on the TV upstairs, the guide showed the same program on every channel. I finally took the "smart card" out of it, and when I reinserted it, it downleaded the information again and I was back in business.

Tracy called and said she wasn't sure what time they would be able to leave Christmas Eve, so plans are up in the air for that night. I told her we were probably going to have peanut butter sandwiches for Christmas dinner, as I haven't made any preparations yet. I plan to go to the new meat market at Obos and maybe get a beef tenderloin roast.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Tree is up

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The Tree is finally up. It is a prelit tree, so there are no tangled strands of lights to fight with. However, I saw some "micro" lights a couple of years ago in Colorado at a Target store, and had to buy a couple of strands. I love them. They are so tiny, and twinkle. Actually, they have about five different ways to set them, but I like the "twinkle" effect.

Barrie was here and helped me get the tree set up and put up on a box for more height. I notice the angel on top of the tree is a little tipsy. Maybe she is like the e-mail Nancy sent, and her egg nog was too strong!

Kasey hasn't seen the tree yet. I have a box of small decorations for her to put up and move around if she wants to.

Killing Santa

Kat wasn't too interested in the tree until it was decorated. She started attacking the ornaments around the bottom, but hasn't tried to climb the tree yet. I may wake up in the morning and find everything tipped over onto the floor.

Judi, the little salt dough ornaments you made for me in the past are on the tree again. Boy! how many years has it been??

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mona Lisa Smile

Mona Lisa Smile
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Here is the completed drawing I did of the Crow Indian. It was done on smooth Bristol board with Derwent drawing pencils in earth tones. Those pencils are very soft, and are probably each two inches shorter than when I started the drawing. I have ordered another set of the four colors.

Yes, he still looks like he is smiling. I think he is smiling because he knows the Indians got even with the white man in a small way by giving us tobacco.

I put the artificial tree together today, and am not sure what happened to it. It is one of the prelit ones (I swore off ever dealing with strands of lights again). But I seem to have this loop, or string of branch material and lights that have come loose from the tree. I decided to deal with it later. Will probably wait until Saturday to decorate it, when Barrie and Kasey can both be here.

Barrie is bringing Kasey this afternoon about 4:00. She and her co-workers are having a cookie exchange. I guess that's a party?
I wonder what Kasey will think of the tree? Hope she doesn't react to it like she did to Santa! I think I have quite a few tough decorations we can put down low so she can help, and move them around.

The cat, on the other hand, will be a different story. She has never been outdoors, so has never seen a tree. But maybe tree climing is an inborn instinct?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Not much

Not much happening today. I did go to art group at Rendezvous Pointe , which is always a good time. I started a new watercolor, but didn't get very far with it.

Had a very pleasant surprise at the meeting! Vicky had admired my ink drawing of an eagle, and I wanted to give it to her. Today, she brought money her family gave her to buy it! Wow! What a boost to my self esteem and confidence. Thanks, Vicky!

I wrestled the Christmas tree up the stairs a couple of days ago, but haven't set it up yet. I hope to get it set up and ready for decorations tomorrow. Barrie and Kasey will probably come on Saturday to help decorate it, then the cat can commence to "undecorate" it. I enjoyed Gina's pictures of their tree with the cat. I am not looking forward to this. Maybe I should move the "cat siren and spay can" down in front of the tree.

Barrie brought up a sack of cat food she had bought at Sam's Club for me tonight. I'm not sure I have mentioned that I have about 8 outdoor cats I am feeding. I'm not even sure they are mine, but I feed them. I will have troubles in the spring when they produce kittens. But I will wait until spring to worry about that!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Computer do-overs

Crow Indian

Click on images for a larger version
This is the Edward Curtis photograph I am using as a reference photo for my speia toned drawing. I love doing these, but I am too tight in my work and try to make my drawing look just like the photograph. I guess that's OK, but I'm missing something. I'm not being expressive or creative in my work. I'm just being a copycat.

This is what I did with the photograph in my Photoshop program today with one of my filters. I want my artwork to look more like this!! So I am turning over a new leaf - less realism and loosen up! Do you think I can do it? I'm pretty sure I will have to put my pencils away and work with pastels - both oil pastels and soft pastels.

I'm so glad Lynn and Joe have a working furnace again. What a hassle!

And I'm glad Gina's grandson caught onto the "Frayed Knot" joke. We always laughed at the poor kid in kindergarten because he didn't "get" my "knock knock" joke! "Knock Knock" - "Who's there?" "Duene". "Duene who?" "Dwain the bathtub, I'm dwowning" Scott, you are a good sport!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Frayed Knot

A rope went into a bar and ordered a drink. The bartender said, "We don’t serve your kind here."So, the rope went outside, rubbed and rubbed himself on the sidewalk,and tied himself into a knot.

Then the rope went back into the bar and again ordered a drink. The bartender said, "Aren’t you the same rope that I refused to serve before?"The rope answered, "No, I’m afraid not.


Sorry, but I am kind of bored today could not resist posting this joke when I actually found a photograph on the internet of a "frayed knot".


Barrie took Kasey to the library yesterday for some of the kids' activities and to see Santa. She said it didn't work out very well. Kasey had a meltdown when she saw Santa, and cried, hid her face and clung to Barrie. Well, maybe next year.


The sepia tone pencil drawing of the Indian is not going well. My photo reference is a very stern looking man from an Edward Curtis photo. But my Indian has a "Mona Lisa Smile", I kid you not. He also almost has a twinkle in his eye. Maybe I need to put it away for a while

Saturday, December 13, 2008


It seems like everyone is having spells of bad luck! Lynn and Joe have a bad furnace, Lynn's daughter had a tree blow down, and Rulands have had vehicle problems.

Last night, Barrie had a wreck downtown. She was making a left hand turn, and was meeting a pickup making a left hand turn. The lights were bright on the pickup she was meeting, and she didn't see the little white car coming. So she made her left turn and and got hit. Kasey wasn't with her at the time. It must have looked pretty bad - the shell camper was knocked off her pickup, and both dogs thrown out. She had two big buckets of water that spilled all over, so the fire department thought it was gas spilled on the road. One dog ran off, and it took Barrie, Kelly, and their Dad a while to find him.

Barrie is driving one of her Dad's trucks today, both dogs are OK, and her Dad says her truck is "fixable". He is working on it.

Barrie and Kasey were here this afternoon. My grandaughter is so advanced for her age! She is only 18 months old, but was acting like a "terrible two-year old" today. She defied her mom several times, tried to jerk a book from me, pulled the cat's tail, and I'm not sure what else. Barrie believes in discipline, and makes her mind. "Time Out" is pretty effective, but Kasey was full of it today.

I fixed us supper, and have decided I either have to quit cooking or get better at it.

This game is called "Kill the Bed".

Kelly (Barrie's sister") sent me this picture of Barrie and Kasey in the hospital when she was born. Kelly had titled the photo "Mom Glow", and she's right. Barrie is glowing.

Friday, December 12, 2008


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When the packages came a few days ago, we told Kasey this was the cat's bed. She immediately laid down on it. Barrie tried to get her to curl up in it, but she wouldn't fit.

"Red Eye"
One of the things I really dislike about using a flash is the "red eye" that often results in a bad photo. Even with the lilttle "pre-flash" or whatever it is called, you sometimes still get red eye. Almost every photo I have taken of the cat has red eye. I decided to mess around with this one in Photoshop. I selected the horrible red areas, and used the paint brush tool to change the color of just that area. For this photo, at least, I think it worked OK


I have been having a terrible time with my desktop computer. It usually happens when I am using Photoshop, but all of a sudden, little lines appear all over the monitor. Today I tried changing the resolution on the monitor (lowered it), and I think it has helped. Also makes everything look a little different on the display, but I can get used to that.

Also, I ran out of ink on my little HP printer. I have some ordered, and it should be here next week. But in the meantime, I miss being able to print things out. I have a larger photo printer that will print up to 13" x 19" photos, but I seldom use it for anything except photos.

Barrie wants to run her dogs tomorrow morning, so I will have Kasey. I don't have the Christmas tree put up yet, and that will be a good project for tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Click on images for a larger view.
I didn't finish this painting yesterday as planned, but I did finish it in art group this morning. I want to do some more small studies of water and some of snow.

Instead of starting or planning a watercolor, I started a new pencil drawing of an Indian, using sepia and earth tone drawing pencils.

Only four of us were there today. Our little group keeps getting smaller. There were lots and lots of tomatoes there today for us to take. They look so good! They are from someone over by Big Piney who grows them. I should find out who is donating them and write them a thank-you note.

The kitten ignored her new bed for one day, but last night she decided to try it out. She is all curled up in it today, sound asleep.


I can't seem to keep warm today. I think I need to change my habits - I turn the temperature down too low at night, then it takes too long for the house to warm up. I made the mistake of not putting a thermostat on the gas log stove I have upstairs, so I can't leave it on all night. It's OK for sleeping under a down comforter, but it is sure cold when I get up. The old part of my house, the downstairs, is drafty when the wind blows, but the upstairs is tight and cozy.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Winter Weather

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We had a nice snow yesterday, with little or no wind. Not very much snow, though. It looks like this snow will stay around, as it is cold! My thermometer said it got down to 2 degrees last night, and it is only 20 degrees now. The trees, bushes and fences were covered with frost this morning.


I finished the pencil drawing of a mountain lion. I'm never sure what to do with the background, so I never do anything. The few times I have attempted to make a background for my pencil drawings, I always wish I had just left it alone.

I would like to finish the watercolor today that I started last week in our painting group, so I can start on something new tomorrow.


The UPS guy picked up the bike yesterday, and brought me two packages. They were both for the cat - a bed, a scratching post, and the can of spray deterrent.

The spray works great, but the kitten got brave and ran the barricade some time during the night, because she was under the bed this morning, and was afraid to walk through the door opening to get out.

She wants nothing to do with either the scratching post nor the bed. The bed looks so comfy, but right now she is laying on the carpet with her head on my foot. I suppose she will get so she sleeps in it and uses the scratching post. If she likes the bed and uses it, it will be much easier to keep her out of my room and off my bed.

Monday, December 8, 2008


It is snowing today with very little wind. The forecast says one or two inches, but I hope we get more.

Kasey is here today. Barrie took her to day care center and told them she had diarhea. They talked about it, and decided it might be best if she came to Grandma's house. She is lying down for a nap, but has not gone to sleep yet. I think she will now, as the kitten has come out of the room. "Kat" was in there playing with her and entertaining her.

UPS is scheduled to come pick up the bicycle from WalMart today. The box was not in very good condition when they left it, so don't know if it will make the trip or if it will get all beat up. I have received e-mail from three different customer services representatives, all with different directions on how to return the item. I received a call from UPS yesterday saying they will pick it up today, so I guess I will ignore all the other instructions.

I am getting ready to work on a drawing at the dining room table today. The supplies and paper have been there for three days now, and I am feeling in the mood today.

Some old photos . . .
Click on images for a larger view

I can't remember if I have posted this before. This is one of the first pictures I took when I got my new DSLR camera. And yes, I took it out the upstairs window. This big buck hung out at my house all summer. In the fall, a bow hunter shot him while he was in the street about 8 feet from my back gate. I couldn't bellieve it, and both the Sheriff's Department and the Wyoming Game and Fish got involved. The hunter told me (standing in the street in front of my house) that he had talked to a game warden and had been working on getting that deer all fall. Seems there is a loophole in the G&F regulations. You can't shoot a deer on a maintained road - and that is the sticker. The street on the north side of my house is not maintained. The Sheriff's Department said that "of course you can't shoot a deer in town". But when they went through the ordinances, they found you can't shoot a gun in town, but a bow and arrow is not mentioned. The town attorney even drew up an ordinance for the town to pass, and it was discussed at a town council meeting, but nothing was ever done about it.

When my mother was failing, this scene became quite familiar to me. The road over South Pass can look kind of desolatte. This particular stretch, not too far out of Farson, looks like it goes on forever, to the edge of the earth.

I know I said before that I was disappointed in the change at South Pass City when I visited there. This is about the only photo I took that I like, and I did a lot of "tinkering" with it in Photoshop. Lynn saw some really neat things when she visited the area, and next time I go, maybe I will go with someone who knows more about what is there. I'm sure there are lots of neat old buidings that aren't in the townsite and that haven't been painted white.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Kasey Day

Click on images for a larger view A busy happy Kasey! I can see that she is changing after a short time in day care around new kids. She is picking up new words (we aren't sure what they are). Julie is doing lots of neat activities with the kids, like dancing and watercolors.

Kasey has missed her cat and played with her a lot today. The cat acted like she missed Kasey too. The kitten ran across my head three times last night after I went to bed. Then this morning I woke up, opened my eyes, and the kitten's eyes were two inches from mine, and she was purring.

I moved my pastels downstairs to the dining room table this morning, thinking it would be easier to work downstairs today. But haven't even touched it! Maybe tomorrow - - or the next day . . .


Friday, December 5, 2008


From my Childhood

Click on images for a larger view
Judi mentioned the little table and chairs in the background of the photo I posted yesterday. She thought it looked like it needed a Kasey sized tea set.

My mother got this set for me when I was a little girl. I think the original chairs were like little benches, which tipped over very easily. There is a box somewhere in my basement with little glass dishes, but I don't remember ever playing "tea party". My mother also made a lot of doll clothes for me, which I put on my cats.

I think small children used to eat at this table at family dinners. I remember Tracy eating at it. I refinished this table and chairs a few years ago.

Just Another Pretty Face

A couple of does were resting in my yard this morning. This one almost looks like she is smiling for the camera.


I read this morning that the market value of Wyoming's public employee pension fund is down 25 percent, but they say the fund is having no trouble meeting its obligations to retired public employees. They have more than enough cash flow to meet all foreseeable and current obligations. Contributions from current employees alone cover the system's obligation to pay retirees. Puts my mind somewhat at ease, I guess.

Barrie plans to run dogs this weekend and has promised me I can have Kasey. Yeah!

Barrie sounds healthier. She is so pleased with Julie B. as a day care provider. She says Kasey won't even stop to say good bye to her in the mornings. She is off to join the other kids. When Barrie picks her up, she says Kasey is clean, rested, and happy. That makes life much easier for Barrie.

I remember Tracy cried every time I left her at day care or a baby sitter. But she also cried when I picked her up and made her come home!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Almost Snow

It's making a puny effort to snow today. Just a few flakes coming down, and it doesn't look like it's going to do any more.

I got this new print rack some time ago, and decided to get it out from under the bed and put it together. I have been leaning things against the wall. I spent two days trying to get this damned thing put together. I finally got it today, but when I tried to move it just a bit, one of the braces came out of the leg. Maybe when Barrie is here, she can help me get it together so it is sturdier. I swear I will never again buy anything that says "assembly required".

"Kat" is out of control. She has started jumping up on everything. She tried to jump on the counter yesterday, and bounced herself off the cupboard door. Today she came tearing into the bathroom and without even slowing down, jumped into the toilet stool. I bet she doesn't do that again! She left in a hurry, shaking her feet, and hid out for a while. She jumps down on my computer desk from the stairs, and of course especially loves jumping up on my bed. I've sprayed her twice in the last hour because she was up on the bed. Can't wait for the motion detector cat spray to get here. I wonder what mischief she got into while I was gone to art group yesterday.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The New TV

The New Television ? ? ?

I think I mentioned that I had ordered a new TV for upstairs, because I find the smaller one hard to watch, and I wanted a larger one. UPS left this huge box on my front porch yesterday. Something tells me this is NOT a TV!

I wonder if God is trying to tell me something - to quit watching so much television, get up off my fat bottom and exercise!

I will get it straightened out with WalMart today, and hopefully UPS will come pick the bike up soon. At this point, I am tempted to just cancel the order for the TV.


The internet was down all day yesterday. It was working about 9:00 last night, so was able to catch up on e-mail and news.

I finally spent the time to attempt to reconcile my bank account (for almost three months). I had lost my check book, so had to wait and enter the checks the bank said had cleared on my statement. I couldn't believe it was only $5.00 off, so I had the computer make the adjustment, and it is balanced again.

I took some extra time and really did a search for my checkbook in the pickup. I found it under the case for my photo background stand in the back seat. But when I brought it up, the register didn't show anything recent, nothing since August, which is when I guess I lost this checkbook and started using a new one. I have also lost both of my little plastic Ridley cards. Should I tell this kind of stuff on myself? Might as well give you all a laugh.


Went to art group this morning, and there were five of us there. I started a new painting, which I haven't even ruined yet!

Monday, December 1, 2008


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This is the little light cube I used to photograph Alice's bronze sculpture, after trying everything else. I finally got acceptable results by using it. It is not very big, and every time I use it I forget how to set it up. I think I had it upside down, because it did not have the top on it. But that worked better for this piece anyway.

Here is the photo I took in the light box. I didn't post the one I did in natural light, but the bronze looked gray. I know if I really worked at it and practiced a lot, I would learn how to use the settings on my camera to get better results.


This little innocent-looking thing is about to undergo some training.

Here is the device Barrie found for me on line, and I have ordered it.


The cat discovered she could get up on the night stands and then on my bed. She thought she was in heaven laying on that down comforter with her head on my pillow! I got the spray bottle, and she would jump down and hide, but would be right back up as soon as I turned my back. My nephew also watched her and sprayed her. He got her really wet once, and that slowed her down, but she did get up on the bed again yesterday. Barrie found this for me on line and I ordered it. It runs on batteries, has a sensor that can detect when the cat comes through the doorway, and sprays a harmless odorless gas. They call it "avoidance training".

I know how tempting that bed is, and if it weren't for my allergies, I would probably allow her up there. As she gets older, I may need to set it on the kitchen counter and maybe some other places.

I have ordered her a nice little comfy sheepskin bed - that should help. And also ordered a scratching post. Can you believe me?