Wednesday, December 24, 2014

December 24

Merry Christmas,everyone.  It seems just like a regular day here.  Paul and Tracy (and probably Daisy) are coming tomorrow.

Barrie won't be here for Christmas.  She said Kasey is at her Dad's house anyway.

I've done over an hour of physical therapy today.  I was prepared to hate it, but  I know I'm making progress and getting stronger. 

The food is another story,  I sent my tray  back today and asked for a bowl of tomato soup , some toast, and a large glass of milk.  I got a bowl of cold soup, one piece of toast and no milk.

A nurse mentioned that a local artist comes twice a week to give lessons.  Guess I will check it out.

I've knit a scarf and hat, and started on a sweater.  I tend to get sleepy when I knit!


Judi said...

Well, sleepy or not, at least you are doing something.
I can't believe I am not even interested in reading. I gave all my books away except the "Morrie" ones & a 'young adult' one (figured it was easy if I do read again).
At least I get to choose my foods and I have my Minions to make it for me.
Love you!

MOM/Gina said...

Merry Christmas. So good to see you here.luv you..

Rebecca2 said...
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Rebecca2 said...

So good to see you blogging again. Judi posted some of your early art work on her blog. So very nice. Such talent. Merry Christmas. (Did you know that "merry" in Old English meant "mighty?" As in Robin Hood and his Merry Band.)
Betty, Lynn Thomas' friend from Nevada

Charmian said...

Merry Christmas, Duene! So good to read your posting and learn of your progress! I applaud you!

Anonymous said...

Always a happy moment when you send us your news. Keep up the good work and maybe the food will improve. Cold soup could be just the incentive you need to bust out of that place
Enjoy your day and check in when you can
Much love, claire