Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Update 12/17/14

Hi everyone, it's Tracy hijacking Mom's blog again, because I wanted to share great news with you.
We met with Mom’s care team today, and things are going really, really well! She is eating MUCH better – pretty regularly 50% - 75% of her meals. Her physical therapists have her walking 500-600 feet (with her walker) on some days...not every day, but she's definitely building up her stamina. They suggested that she start walking down to the dining room for meals, which she wasn’t crazy about, but I’m hoping they can convince her to do it. The Dr. said if she’s more active we could take her off the blood thinners, which she’s been on because of their concern about blood clots due to her being bedridden.
She has gained 2 or 3 pounds, and seems much brighter and happier. The Dr. would like to try reducing her pain meds even further to see if that will help with her alertness, and they want to make an appointment with the cancer center for a followup in January. Now that they feel she's on the upswing, they want to see what the cancer Dr. feels is the next best step in her cancer treatment.

She has started knitting a scarf, and asked for some movies and magazines. Her pressure sore is also improving a little, which they think is due in good part to her increased appetite and calorie/protein intake.

So overall, good news and I thought you’d want to know. I have asked Barrie to come down for Christmas, hoping that she and Kasey could help keep Mom's spirits up after the bad news about Judi, but haven’t heard back from her.

I do have a favor to ask of all of you...please pester Mom to get out of bed and walk to the dining room for meals. She's never been much for caving in to peer pressure, but maybe just this once it will work. The faster she regains her strength, the sooner she can come home. And that's MY Christmas wish this year! 

Love to you all,


DADD said...

Duene, I don't know how the meals are served down at the dining room. If you have any say in what they give you , but you may find something that looks good to eat. So give it a try for a few times and maybe you will like it.
Here is hoping for the best for you.

Judi said...

I am so happy for you Duene. Just pretend the cafeteria is your 'art group'. LOL

Betty Cheeney said...

Happiness is improvement! Yay Duene! I think Roger has the right idea...hike down to the dining room and take charge of your meals. I bet you find something you like better and maybe make a friend or two!

Anonymous said...

Good morning and you are up and going and back with the living!!YES! Now we all know the drill. Diet,eat,drink water,get up,get moving,exercise. Diet & exercise
Exercise and diet. Just do it like the good kid that you are. Love you

Charmian said...

Be an overachiever, Duene! This news from Tracy is a day-maker! Thank you, Tracy!

MOM/Gina said...

Love this post.

Duene..get your butt out of bed and give it your best shot!

Rollie said...

Thanks again for a great post, Tracy. I'm so glad to hear that Duene is on the upswing. Keep it up, Duene.